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  1. Thanks, I was very fortunate indeed. The SP-L150 have enormous cabinets, and look the part. However, the warmer overall sound was perhaps a negative, depending on preferences. Is this the ‘Sansui sound’ people seem to love or hate? In comparison with a pair of Dali 4a (both Dali and Sansui were new to me and conveniently co-located in the garage), the SP-L150s are a fun listen, but the 10-year-younger Dali’s (with their Vifa drivers) were much more realistic sounding (I’m not great at describing speakers). At some point, I’ll try to capture the
  2. Wowsers - that HK gear on Audiogon is pricey. The Citation 19 power amp sounds fantastic. I hooked it up to my Dali 4a speakers, and also the Sansui SP L150. Dire Straits - Brothers in Arms was an experience! Unfortunately, the Citation 17s preamp is only coming out the left channel, so that’ll be on the bench next weekend. Extremely pleased with the gear overall ??
  3. Still haven’t had a chance to listen, but I opened the HK Power Amplifier to clean dust and it’s had a recap in 1999 (Date and initials in pencil inside) The brackets are covering the values but they are Trobo capacitors. Is it likely this would have been an upgrade? (or a repair?) There’s also a hole underneath them, and a cover plate mounted on standoffs (Extra clearance?) Thanks
  4. Hi everyone I haven’t had a chance to power these on yet but scored these on the weekend: - Harman Kardon Citation 17s Preamp - Harman Kardon Citation 19 Power amplifier AND Sansui: - AU 217 Integrated Amp - TU 217 Tuner - SC 1110 Cassette - SP L150 Speakers These were purchased from the original owner, who bought them new in 1978. It’s nice to know there are still good HiFi components to be found ‘in the wild’, without paying stupid money Note - I wasn't familiar with anything other than the AU 217 prior to sale
  5. Hi everyone I’m Andy from Canberra and am grateful for the wealth of information on here ? I’ve previously worked as an Electronics Tech and have a few unfinished projects on the go, including: - Marantz 2245 (Intermittent fault, no relay click/no sound) - Dual CS 505-2 (Intermittent fault - no start) - Technics 1200 (First model, no arm fitted) - Technics 1700 (First model, ground issue) - Thorens TD 160B MkII (No arm fitted, no power cord) - SME 3009 S2 Improved (No phono cable). Cheers
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