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  1. +1 on the KAB damper, plus a better cart. Mr Relish
  2. Oops, my bad. Go to Brisbane Speaker Repair Brisbane Speaker Repair Mr Relish
  3. Give Queensland Speaker Repairs a ring. Queensland Speaker Repairs VERY knowledgeable about speakers, and Vitor is an absolute vintage amplifier nut, and will be able to direct you to a reliable tech in your area. Mr Relish
  4. I have the EPC205II with the Jico SAS boron, on a Technics SL-1700 MK2 and it’s heaven. Can’t say I have much to compare it to, but it sounds fantastic. Great bass, clear highs. Just seems to make everything sound better. It’s streets ahead of an AT95E With Jico elliptical and an EPC270C with Jico elliptical, and those carts aren’t terrible. Not exactly high end carts though. Mr Relish
  5. Soak overnight in Cola. White vinegar works too, whichever is cheapest. Mr Relish
  6. It’s buyer beware. There are some rogues out there. I found this “gem” for the bargain price of $22.
  7. I’d do it for you, but am in the Latrobe Valley. Don’t think you will be over this way anytime soon. Mr Relish
  8. You have done well. That is a very nice vintage amp & speaker setup. Mr Relish
  9. TT wise, you like the looks of a Technics SL-1200, then have a look at the new Technics SL-1500C. Available in Black or White. SL-1500C Mr Relish
  10. Ooh, don’t start with the red. Blue or a different cart. Mr Relish
  11. Just think of the distance from your nearest 415v transformer to your house, then your electrical wiring to the GPO. Why would the last 1.5m of cable From the GPO to your gear matter ? Mr Relish
  12. I have just finished building this one :- CNC Phono Preamp (MM) This is a two stage op-amp MM preamp, with passive RIAA equalisation between the two stages. The thread is over 150 pages, a lot to read. PM sachu888 on there for PS and Phono boards. Muffsy also does a slightly modified version as well, and sells PS and Phono boards It’s a very quiet phono noise wise (I’m using a wall wart to an internal PS), very detailed and nice bass. I have a couple of recommended op-amps coming in to try, to see what difference they make. @catman has made one as w
  13. Just recap with good caps, give the existing output devices fresh heat sink paste, and call it good. Use good quality caps in the power section, and quality audio caps in the audio section (Elna Silmic 2 or similar). Your choice to replace DC blocking caps with WIMA MKS2 or Nichicon KL low leakage. Just be careful on main filter cap diameter, if it is the early four cap variety. Go up in voltage rating, 50V is barely squeaking by. I also went up in uF, 3300uF. Replace the bias adjustment resistors (usually two soldered end to end) with a Bournes multiturn po
  14. I have a Rigol DS-1052E, and it’s all I have needed for audio repair work. We have Tektronix at work, and the Rigol is as nice to use. Mr Relish
  15. Well, if it is fake, someone went to a LOT of trouble to mark the cable with McIntosh branding, and doing such a nice job on the construction. Mr Relish
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