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  1. If you run a 5% IPA mix at 35 degrees, does the alcohol evaporate ? Mr Relish
  2. For all other records, I bypass the tone settings. The CA-610 has 100pf capacitance by my reading of the schematic, which would be fine for the AT95E. Not sure on the CA-1000, I may have a capacitance issue there, but it seems to cause the cart to be “peaky” at certain higher frequencies, if that makes sense. Mr Relish
  3. Hi all, 50 YO here that jumped back on the vinyl bandwagon, after jumping on that shiny CD one in the 80’s ( it looked like a Toyota Starion). I have an Australian vertigo pressing of Paranoid that I bought on “that auction site”. Playing it, there seems to be a lack of treble. On both my Yamaha CA-610 and CA-1000, I have to turn up the treble to max before it seems to sound right. Then it sounds good. Note that there is little noise. this is plating on a Technics SL-1700 with an AT95e using a Jico hyper elliptical stylus. For all other records, I leave the treble bypassed. Is this an indication that the record is worn out, or is it this pressing ? Mr Relish
  4. I now have bought and modded the reloop dust cover. Cost $69 and my time. Looks great. A big thanks again to @Danyowski for this. Also, I did try polishing the existing cover using Novus, but to no avail. Shiny and opaque. The back hinge section is a lot clearer, maybe sunlight damage caused the cover to go opaque ? Mr Relish
  5. When I say it’s smokey and opaque, it’s not because it’s scratched. It’s a genuine grey smoke colour. I already have the Novus polish, but that would just make it Smokey, opaque and shiny. Was the grey colour an original option ? Mr Relish
  6. Thanks for this. I just bought an SL-1700 with a really good original lid. But it’s Smokey and opaque, and I’m not loving it. I want to see the platter and arm when closed. Mr Relish
  7. 300,000 cst is standard for Technics 1200 and similar turntables. I have done a SL-1400, SL-1700 and an SL-B20, and all drop nicely now. Just search for RC diff oil on eBay. Mr Relish
  8. If contact cleaner, or Deoxit doesn’t work, the only fix is to desolder the sliding switch and clean the contacts. I use Autosol aluminium polish, but brasso would do. Then clean with isopropyl alcohol. Good Luck. Mr Relish
  9. You could try using a magic eraser on the stain. MAGIC ERASER Mr Relish
  10. @EV Cali, here’s the link for the star knob :- Screw of the female thread of diameter 6 mm type of fastening black star knob K5 Mr Relish
  11. I like the removable hose section on the filter. I like it so much, I am going to steal that idea. Thanks @EV Cali. Mr Relish
  12. I like the cutting board idea. Buy three, one for the brackets, one for the disks, and one for the filter system base ( if you go that far). Mr Relish
  13. Well, $12.70 for the wood (if you measure twice, cut once). $7.70 for the 6mm threaded rod. $3.24 for the bearing. $6.00 for both star knobs. $30.00 for the record label savers, this was an extra of my choice. The brackets cost me nothing. So, the add on for the ultrasonic bath totalled $29.64, not counting Record Label Savers, $59.64 with. Add on the rotisserie at $39.90, and the total is $99.54 The ultrasonic bath was $169.99 Polysorbate 20 was $15.11 Demineralised water was $13.50 So, all up, you would need $298.14 just to clean a record. $268.14 if you don’t use the label savers. And that’s without the filtration system. My time was gratis, and I enjoy making and tinkering with things in the shed. Mr Relish
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