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  1. TT wise, you like the looks of a Technics SL-1200, then have a look at the new Technics SL-1500C. Available in Black or White. SL-1500C Mr Relish
  2. Ooh, don’t start with the red. Blue or a different cart. Mr Relish
  3. Just think of the distance from your nearest 415v transformer to your house, then your electrical wiring to the GPO. Why would the last 1.5m of cable From the GPO to your gear matter ? Mr Relish
  4. I have just finished building this one :- CNC Phono Preamp (MM) This is a two stage op-amp MM preamp, with passive RIAA equalisation between the two stages. The thread is over 150 pages, a lot to read. PM sachu888 on there for PS and Phono boards. Muffsy also does a slightly modified version as well, and sells PS and Phono boards It’s a very quiet phono noise wise (I’m using a wall wart to an internal PS), very detailed and nice bass. I have a couple of recommended op-amps coming in to try, to see what difference they make. @catman has made one as well I believe. Mr Relish
  5. Just recap with good caps, give the existing output devices fresh heat sink paste, and call it good. Use good quality caps in the power section, and quality audio caps in the audio section (Elna Silmic 2 or similar). Your choice to replace DC blocking caps with WIMA MKS2 or Nichicon KL low leakage. Just be careful on main filter cap diameter, if it is the early four cap variety. Go up in voltage rating, 50V is barely squeaking by. I also went up in uF, 3300uF. Replace the bias adjustment resistors (usually two soldered end to end) with a Bournes multiturn pot. Leave the existing DC offset trimmer as is, they are always set to min. That’s all I did, the NAD sounds good once recapped, but not worth going overboard with IMO. Mr Relish
  6. I have a Rigol DS-1052E, and it’s all I have needed for audio repair work. We have Tektronix at work, and the Rigol is as nice to use. Mr Relish
  7. Well, if it is fake, someone went to a LOT of trouble to mark the cable with McIntosh branding, and doing such a nice job on the construction. Mr Relish
  8. This :- 6L Ultrasonic Tank ($199) Plus this :- KIT ($165) Plus this :- 240V Rotisserie Motor ($50) So $414 as a DIY kit. Or cheaper if you make the kit part yourself :- DIY Ultrasonic Record Cleaner Bunnings Style Mr Relish
  9. Polish the platter, then give the polished section a coat of turtle wax, or whatever wax you wish. This should keep the Aluminium from smudging. You may need to reapply every couple of years or so. Mr Relish
  10. The glass bases look a little small, but I figured out the balance point of the speakers, and made this the centre for the pipe. The stands are nice and stable. Mr Relish
  11. Made these stands last year to hold up the Polk Monitor 5’s. Routed blackwood top sections, and glass bases from a couple of Sony PC monitors. 55mm thick walled PVC pipe for the middle. Painted satin black. 5mm S/S threaded rod to hold it together. The pipe was sikaflexed to the glass bases, threaded rod threaded through a 5mm plate screwed via existing holes and sikaflexed to the glass bases. The tubes were filled with sand. A 55mm hole saw created a slot for the pipe to slide into on the top sections. The whole lot is held together under tension via the threaded rod and a recessed nut in the top sections. All parts from Bunnings, except the glass bases, which were free. You could substitute the glass bases for wood. The other speakers are VAF DC-X first gen. The Polks sound heaps better, which surprises me. Mr Relish
  12. Bludento BLT-HD. https://www.ebay.com.au/itm/True-HiFi-Bluetooth-Music-Receiver-5-0-APTX-HD-CSR8675-Replace-Audioengine-B1/163473342953?epid=17028938151&hash=item260fc541e9:g:5icAAOSwcqxcCfRz&frcectupt=true Has a Burr Brown DAC, optical, SPDIF, RCA. I have two, and they sound very good for Bluetooth. Mr Relish
  13. Spend the thousand on a good Technics. You won’t regret it, and you won’t have to upgrade in a couple of years. Rock solid speed, decent arm. A great TT to get into records with. And if you decide that the expense and inconvenience of records isn’t for you, you can get your thousand back when you sell it. Can’t say that about many other tables. Mr Relish
  14. JB-HIFI have a “Nothing Over $30” bin going. Nowhere near a good as the 2 for $50 deal they had. A pretty good mix, some Elvis Costello, Cream, Midnight Oil. I picked up John Mayall Blues Breakers with Eric Clapton, originally $37.99, now $29.99. Mr Relish
  15. d) get an Ortofon 2M Blue stylus to replace the red Mr Relish
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