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  1. d) get an Ortofon 2M Blue stylus to replace the red Mr Relish
  2. Anyone can buy an amp and speakers. Few can build them. Well done Chris. Mr Relish
  3. I saw a variation on the golf ball pivot on a FB group. A bloke used 2 lengths of fishing line at the top, and magnets at the bottom. CF tonearm and 3D printed brackets. He twisted the lines at the top for anti skate. Mr Relish
  4. I had this whole thing about serial killers also being audiophiles not being happy with available speakers ..... but decided not to piss off a whole state. Mr Relish
  5. If there is no info on those models on the usual forums, then they aren’t well regarded. I would buy the SL-B2, Technics parts are a lot easier to get if needed. Also, in the future, if you upgrade, it’s a LOT easier to sell the Technics than the others listed. As for the speakers, I’ve heard of Maurdant Short, but not Energy Point, but both seem to have some good reviews. Unless you can hear both, just pick the combo deal and get the Energy Points. Mr Relish
  6. Think of it this way, in motorbike terms. The arm mass is comparable to the rider weight. The cartridge compliance is comparable to the suspension spring stiffness. A fat bastard rider (high mass) will bottom out a soft (high compliant) spring. So, the fat bastard (high mass) needs a stiff (low compliant) spring. Now a lightweight rider (low mass) will get jolted all over the place with a stiff (low compliance) spring. So, the lightweight rider (low mass) needs a soft (high compliant) spring. Make sense ?
  7. I think the first thing you will be changing is upgrading from the turntable you ordered to a better one. Then a better cartridge. Then an better stylus. Then an even better cart. Then a better one again to go with your third turntable and so on and so on. But seriously, the AT turntable will probably be the first to need upgrading if you go down the vinyl path any further. Mr Relish
  8. I think this guy may be able to help :- Commonwealth Electronics Restoration Mr Relish
  9. For the future, it is WELL worth it to purchase a Peak Atlas model DCA55 semiconductor analyser. Just connect to the transistor, press a button, and it tells you the pin out, as well as all the measured specs. I have been caught before getting ebc mixed up when using substitute transistors, but not since I purchased the Peak Atlas. Mr Relish
  10. What are you using to close the back with ? OK, I’ll be the first - They should be great for rock music. Mr Relish
  11. Oh, I forgot, @EV Cali added garden hose disconnects to his filter, great idea. Scroll to half way down my thread below :- diy-ultrasonic-record-cleaner-bunnings-style Mr Relish
  12. Just be aware, the pump will spit out grease when first run, which will nicely grease your filter and housing. Run the pump with normal water into a bucket first for a while to get rid of any extra grease. Mr Relish
  13. And from my setup thread using the above parts :- Mr Relish
  14. If you are going to clean your records in the sink, don’t risk your labels. Go onto “That Auction Site” and search for “Record Label Saver”. You are welcome. Mr Relish
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