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  1. I appreciate this is a very basic query. I have an integrated amp that has only XLR pre out option. In looking for headphone amp, do I need one with XLR inputs or are the other options. I was considering the Burson Soloist Mk2 in the classifieds but that doesn't have XLR inputs. Thanks in advance.
  2. Nice gear. Out of interest what speakers are driving with the CH
  3. This is a very good cable at a great price. Check out comments by SNAer PhilGan titled: Sonic Art Reference Blue Lightning Coax Cable.
  4. Does it come with premier power cord. If so I’ll take it thanks
  5. FWIW - I used AirRoad to transport a 45kg amp I bought on SNA recently. I found out that the distributor ( Absolute Hiend) use them. AirRoad offer 10% discount if you register with them. Cost me $95 Melb to Syd. Pretty reasonable I thought
  6. You might want to have a look at Sonic Art too. Melbourne based and a nice guy to deal with.
  7. This is a very very good amp at a great price. And it looks like there is little interest. Go figure? Whoever eventually buys this will be very happy. GLWTS.
  8. This is a great amp. I auditioned one that was driving Wilson Yvette’s. The music had great presence and authority. It never left class A. I aspired to buy one. This is the first one I know of to come up on SNA. And of course Something else came up in the meantime. GLWTS. A great buy here.
  9. Check out Classa audio. I think the xp10 is on sale there
  10. I’ll take these but will need postage to Sydney at my cost. I’ll pm you
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