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  1. I got it from Stereophonic in Brunswick, I didn't pay quite that much because he just happen have it lying around so to speak. I had to get the aluminium disc with it make it fit which was $100. Made a big different I might add.
  2. Yes, I had a new motor and lead installed, while I was at it I up graded to P8 platter with the aluminium disc as well.
  3. 1980's Rega 2, 8 platter. With DV501 arm Ortofon Quintet Black cartridge with Valve amplification Love the old classics
  4. Hi Meh Do you still have your record collection for sale, if so what type of music is it Glenn
  5. Thank for doing the research for me, No disrespect intended l was just getting a understanding of the quality, pricing is a good indication. cheers
  6. Hi What's the retail value today cheers
  7. interesting, were you happy with the speakers?
  8. Hi Guy's Just checked, all good mine are 7'' same as the ones I am getting I would like to thank everyone again for your help. Thanks to good old Stereonet as well
  9. Hi Herbyj Your a legend, I have just place a bid, I am hoping he has two them to be sure. They are perfect Thanks for everyone involved cheers
  10. Thanks, these actually might be the right ones
  11. do you mean twin voice coils
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