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  1. Yes I agree, it’s not about tinkering all throughout the day/evening. But if you have an all day event and someone is playing all OG reggae 45’s at 3pm and then later on someone is playing current house music digitally that has been mastered really hot I would think a small tweak may help... Maybe
  2. We have a Nexus DSP at the moment that can provide limiters, crossover, delay etc. Generally speaking, for smaller rooms we don’t need all these extra features but I would think a PEQ will help find some balance. Probably have one feeding the subs and another feeding the rest of the system (four to six 3way speakers depending on the size of the room). Correct me if I’m wrong but I also kinda think it would also be good to have a bit of control from the back end if we doing an event with different DJ’s playing different types of music (on different formats).
  3. I’m looking to integrate an analogue EQ into my system and wanted to pool here for some info/advice. I’m using a mobile system for small events (hifi gear rather than standard PA) so will be testing and EQing for each room it’s used in. Essentially I want to add a stage that provides clean audio and performs well, if anyone has any suggestions please fire away!
  4. Original warranty certificate is a nice touch!
  5. Awesome speakers, especially when paired with a nice sub. The K-22 driver is different however from the K-33. These were specially designed to perform in an enclosed cabinet as opposed to the horn-loaded/ported speakers of the heritage line.
  6. Hey @ray4410 What other lengths are available? Just 1m?
  7. Item: 2x Altec 811b Horns Location: Melbourne Price: $500 ONO Item Condition: Very Good Reason for selling: Not In Use Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Beautiful pair of 811b's I planned to use but never got around to doing so, prefer pick up from Melbourne CBD, can ship at buyers expense. Will donate $20 at point of sale. Any questions send me an email. Pictures:
  8. Nice custom piece, Does it come with any wall mounts on the two legs?
  9. Hey everyone, never been too active on forms but joined up here to put a want out... After a pair of ML-2 monoblocks, hopefully I can find an Aussie seller!
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