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  1. Item: Rotel RB-1080 power amplifier or equivalent Price Range: 600 - 1000 Item Condition: New demo or used Extra Info: After a well looked after Rotel power amplifier to match my RMB-1075, so preferably a RB-1080 in silver and black. They will be powering my mains for music duties primarily and movie duties (Energy C9 Connoisseur). But I'm open to a newer RB-1582 if available or demo. But if you have something along those lines and similar priced then by all means let me know. Cheers Please don't forget to report your post as FOUND when possible. (You can now delete this t
  2. Yeah I'm referring to their power amplifiers. I've yet to hear one. I understand this is all subjective of course.I like Rotels AB stuff just wanting opinions on their D stuff. The reviews I've read are positive but if someone has been running one for some time they may be more insightful as they've lived with one for a fair amount of time. I've seen some pop up for sale every now and then. Cheers
  3. Well to be more specific probably a RB-1572? But it was a general question about rotel and Digital amps.
  4. Has anyone had or owned or demo's any of the Rotel D class amplifiers. Seem okay but a but scared to buy ears unheard. And being travel and social distancing limits to reviews I was wondering if someone could provide any experience they may have? Cheers
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