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  1. I cut the Foxtel cabel from home this year and now use Kayo. Only really had foxtel for the footy. Happy with it so far BUT now i have a stan, netflix, crunchyroll and kayo subscription
  2. Cheers guys! So budget wise I'm looking roughly 1500 now. Would you go better speakers, ok turntable or vice versa or mid range for both?
  3. the Audioengines are active speakers and have a built in phono preamplifier - Im trying to keep things to a minimum, i can then hide the 'Cost' from the other half'
  4. Hi Guys, Ive got given a bunch of Vinyl and thought probably the universe telling me to go out and spend some money. So ive done some youtube searches and read some articles but really still pretty lost. Its going to be in my man den. The room isnt massive (3m x 4.5m) I started off with a small budget around $700. Which would be a record player and some powered speakers. However the more i read the more I realise my budget is going to go to far. Id rather buy something a bit better rather than buying something that im going to end up replacing.... so question is i was thinking: 1. Project Debut Carbon DC Turntable inc. Ortofon 2M Red Cartidge 2. Audio Engine HD6 (tried searching on here and doesnt seem to be many reviews or topics) Really appreciate any feedback.
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