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  1. Anyone here has any contacts to shops/specialists who can do an excellent job at terminating/reterminating headphone cables? Ineed to reterminate my pure silver iem cable from a 3.5mm unbalanced jack into Left & Right female XLR plugs. I just need someone to properly reterminate the cable, I will supply the XLR female plugs. Thanks in advance I would really appreciate it.
  2. Whoever getting this will be really happy! It made me smile the very first time i turned up the volume, and everytime i listen to this beast.
  3. So what needs to be implemented on the receiving end? Using battery powered power supply?
  4. Havent tried commercial brand lpsu and not really planning into doing that, tried to concentrate rather on using decent components inside, you should also have a look into black gate caps, some say theyre the best caps, the role of a “fast” diode is also important in digital. Yes, with the cisco it involves disconnecting the stock smps inside and replacing it with new internal power cable that connects to the inside socket. Also did the fan delete in all the ciscos. Ive did consultation before doing the fan delete, as long as we dont use all the ports there should be a problem, i onl
  5. I actually started with just one in my setup running its stock smps, then adding another one to do the fiber conversion, which brought another step up in sound, then it went from there to add another switch, then converting all the smps into lpsu including the cable modem. adding the nuprime after talking to friend in europe who had tried a couple audio switches and preferred the nuprime from the others (sotm, ether, and waversa). He said it sounded the most natural and the price is also reasonable. I guess like John, the next step up i would say is the telegarner gold switch. When t
  6. Configuration: outside audio room (shared electricity w the house): cable modem (lpsu) —> 1st cisco 2960 48TC-L (lpsu, using this switch to convert to fiber)—> fiber into audio room (dedicated 16A lines & dedicated grounding separated from house 0.2ohm reading)—> 2nd cisco 2960 48TC-L to convert back fiber to rj45 —> 3rd cisco 2960 48TC-L —> Goldnote DS-10. Will be adding in the Nuprime (after the 3rd 2960) once i have changed the “fake oscons” that came with it into the purple (real ones?) Also will not be using the stock smps med grade psu that c
  7. Talking about ethernet cables, i have a pair of Sablon’s latest 2020 ethernet cables on the way (should be arriving soon). Ive read about so many positive reviews and the price is very reasonable. Was about to make the jump on either Shunyata Sigma or the Pachanko Aphelion ethernet cable, but then shifted to the Sablon. Will also be hooking up a Pink Faun lan isolator on the dac/streamer ethernet input after the Sablon. Anyone in Melb is welcome to try the cable once they arrive for comparison. My nuprime ombia sw8 switch also just arrived, but im waiting for the sanyo os
  8. Further information: Selling my mint Audience Au24SE XLR , 1 meter long. boxed in its original packaging and ready to go. Photos:
  9. Great interconnects for the price have tried them in my system and have visited their showroom in Bali. Great boutique audio brand.
  10. Further information: BNIB Ansuz Acoustics Sparkz TC Harmonizer US PLUG. see the sparkz tc harmonizer in action ( at 3:02) : This is the higher end version of the Ansuz Sparkz line consisting of the Tesla Coil and NSC technology to supress noise in your audio chain. The Sparkz TC only comes in US or Schuko plugs and they work fine with adaptors. From the information I have came across, the Sparkz TC works best when connected to the wall into the same receptacle where your power distributor is
  11. Interesting to see alot of great reviews on the shunyata alpha and sigma. Im very curious how do the sigma compared to the pachanko aphelion? Has anyone compared both in their system?
  12. Noted. You should try and clean up the usb data power going into your mscaler and hear the difference. 👍
  13. Impressive digital front end youve got there. Wouldnt hurt to have a try to go full usb into the mscaler. From my own experience with chord’s optical input, the sound was a bit stiff, not as dynamic compared to going direct usb. Since chord needs the usb 5v power for their usb input, i separated the data and power in the usb cable and connected the power part into a clean lpsu.
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