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  1. Interesting to see alot of great reviews on the shunyata alpha and sigma. Im very curious how do the sigma compared to the pachanko aphelion? Has anyone compared both in their system?
  2. Noted. You should try and clean up the usb data power going into your mscaler and hear the difference. 👍
  3. Impressive digital front end youve got there. Wouldnt hurt to have a try to go full usb into the mscaler. From my own experience with chord’s optical input, the sound was a bit stiff, not as dynamic compared to going direct usb. Since chord needs the usb 5v power for their usb input, i separated the data and power in the usb cable and connected the power part into a clean lpsu.
  4. Awesome set of caps, use them in my previous custom built linear power supply for the chord qutest dac. The qutest sounded very organic. OG caps 👍
  5. Sure can, I havent even opened the box. Will add a photo of the inside.
  6. Further information: BNIB Ansuz Acoustics Sparkz TC Harmonizer US PLUG. see the sparkz tc harmonizer in action ( at 3:02) : This is the higher end version of the Ansuz Sparkz line consisting of the Tesla Coil and NSC technology to supress noise in your audio chain. The Sparkz TC only comes in US or Schuko plugs and they work fine with adaptors. From the information I have came across, the Sparkz TC works best when connected to the wall into the same receptacle where your power distributor is connected to. Will create blacker background, more dynamics and transients. The MSRP of this unit is around 1370 AUD plus shipping and customs. ANSUZ’S Tecs in the SPARKZ TC: ACTIVE CABLE TESLA COIL An active coil type that is acting directly on the mains wires. ACTIVE SQUARE TESLA COIL This active type of coils is imbedded on both sides of the double-sided circuitry board. ACTIVE DITHER TESLA COIL This Ansuz technology is responsible for the analog dither we use in a wide range of our products. The dither is adding a very low-level random noise pattern and modulating the noise floor. With this technology, it is possible to hear what is below the noise-floor. Thus, it provides more transparency and a deeper insight into the full content of the recording. Photos:
  7. Great cable, I have a 1m pair. Great sounding cable that will work with most high end systems. GLWS
  8. Further information: Silver Audio Research DAC 9. Selling due to surplus in my system. Unit is in mint condition, very low hours of use. Serious buyers only, can check condition upon pick up. Located in North Melbourne, 5 mins walking distance from Queen Victoria Market. Some review articles to read: http://www.enjoythemusic.com/magazine/equipment/0320/Audio_Research_DAC9_Digital_To_Analog_Converter_DAC_Review.htm https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/audio-research-dac-9-review-r644/ Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  9. Any diablo 300 owners know how to completely turn off all the lights on the display? (Not only the input/volume). Thanks in advance
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