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  1. Any diablo 300 owners know how to completely turn off all the lights on the display? (Not only the input/volume). Thanks in advance
  2. Update: for those who are planning to use chord qutest dac with gryphon diablo 300, the output voltage setting of the qutest should be set at 3 V, ive done some listening tests between the different output voltages in my system and it sounds best with qutest/diablo300/nautilus 803 combination.
  3. What happened to this thread!? No more enthusiasm for the last 3 yrs! Was asking questions regarding the diablo 300’s input sensitivity when using an external dac posted in a diff thread. Will post/ask questions here from now on. I just had the delivery of my diablo 300 a couple days ago. And currently having the amp on to break it in. So far clocked around 37 ish hours. Please share your breaking in experiences of the diablo 300.
  4. You should check them out, or even listen to their system and cables when you get a chance. Hope to be able to test the prototype of their latest floorstanding speakers paired w the diablo 300 in the next couple of months. Will post updates
  5. Interesting! Actually I am waiting for the upcoming Vermouth Audio’s latest floorstanding speakers which is under R&D process now. Had a chance to check it out when I visited their workshop last week in Bali. It’s a limited edition of 10 Using adjustable (front to back) ribbon tweeters and their custom spec’d driver from SB acoustics. Reserved no.10 for myself next year when it is released 🤘🏻
  6. Much appreciated @sdepass! Still need to break in a couple of things, the diablo300, receptacle and speaker cables. It sounds a bit weird when the amp was first installed. After the 20ish hr mark it sounds better. Get yours soon! The only thing holding the amp back I think are the n803. Should get a new pair sometimes next year.
  7. Correct. The diablo 300 is amazing powering up the qutest and my b&w n803 , its been running for around 22 hrs non stop now... since its delivery yesterday.
  8. Get it! It is amazing how it transforms my whole system into a new diff level. And no didnt get the optional dac nor phono. Chose to go with an external dac, chord qutest for future upgradability and it sounds amazing.
  9. Thanks dan_b and no problem. Yes it is delightful. Been leaving it running w music for the last 15 hours.
  10. Hi, finally received my Gryphon Diablo 300 after almost a month delay from the promised date by my local dealer. Question is regarding setting my chord qutest’s output volt. Under the gryphon’s spec sheet of the diablo 300 it says the input sensitivity is 0,617V abit lower from qutest’s lowest output volt which is 1 V. So what is your recommendation/solution for this? Should I just leave the qutest at 1V? Will there is any cutoff/distortion? Anyone w this experience? Your feedback would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  11. Running source through Audirvana plus on a macbook pro playing tidal to Chord Qutest. Unison Research Unico 150 powering B&W N803, awaiting the gryphon diablo 300 coming mid may to replace the unico 150.
  12. Great speakers, need to pair w good interconnects, cables and def power/source to make them sing.
  13. Hi everyone, my name is chris, from north melbourne but travel back and forth between melbourne and jakarta for business. Im getting back into high end audio recently and hope to learn more from all of you here. Cheers
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