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  1. I love the two large scale and Speaker plugs almost bigger than volume control ... Sooo Smooth , Accuphase A50V similar image and classA. just wondering which speakers you're running with? never stop chasing sound even Porsche 911 . I like your Hifi Rack,,,Hollywood
  2. Hi , would you send out . please PM
  3. First in can be best dress if you know how to please the seller , obviously the seller's gonna pick the best deal to suit him
  4. First in best dress ,most importantly the progress must be smooth and easy for the seller
  5. Nice setup , Condition's beautiful ,how long do have this unit , is it Australia Version ? in last two years many from Vietnam not Japan and most had modified power in 240V
  6. Nice and Amazing condition , The Melody 300B offers a very high level of build quality with its point-to-point hand wiring, hand-wound transformers, and NOS caps used throughout the design. It's Rare to appear
  7. Bargain , the value for all the valves enough to cover the Amp . lucky for the new owner
  8. Wow , I regret when sold to my friend in Queensland and after that i sold all my Vinyl,, this's bargain and worth every cents for next owner . I would baby this home in no time if i still have my Vinyl ,,
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