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  1. Watched Movie 43 last night. Is it wrong to say I enjoyed this movie? Seeing so many actors making dicks of themselves was just so fun. I heard Richard Gere tried to get out of the movie. He has one of the best scenes.
  2. https://apple.news/A9Wi6p7HVRD-bCWTd1bsBLw None of this makes any sense to me. Bran is the evil one using the armies and everyone else to protect him from the night king?
  3. Yeah, I went through and compared them with the MFIT remasters. The remasters have bass coming from everywhere and it kind of overpowers everything else. iTunes is just so convenient though so second best is good enough for me.
  4. I thought it was because he was a changed man (his whole conversation with Ayra prior to the battle indicated that). When he was scared, he also said something about there being no point to fighting because it was impossible to beat the walkers. I think he was more scared of the dead than the fire.
  5. They had their weapons upgraded by Melisandre by that stage though so I guess they were pretty pumped to be going in.
  6. https://mashable.com/article/game-of-thrones-too-dark-cinematographer/?utm_campaign=a-rr-tech&utm_source=internal&utm_medium=onsite I actually liked the whole look of the episode. Watching it in the dark at 1am did help. Would have loved to have seen it at a cinema.
  7. Liked the build up and the initial battle sequences but I just became annoyed by it after a while. I mean, these wights, one minute they're an unstoppable force of nature and they wipe out an entire Dothraki army, the next minute they're a bunch of bumbling, easily chopped duds that can't manage to bring a single person down. Like the whole scene where they protect Bran, the sheer numbers of the dead that attack them would mean Theon and his crew would be destroyed in seconds, yet somehow they keep them at bay. Dammit. Ayra’s slam dunk from the free throw line was amazing though.
  8. Item: Bob Marley Location: Altona, VIC Price: $15 each Item Condition: Mostly Very Good. Light scratches to CDs and covers. (They're pretty old CDs!). Burnin' is the only CD that's looks a bit banged up but I have played through in it's entirety and not noticed any problems. Reason for selling: Cash Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Postage is free. I think they sound better than the remasters but YMMV. Confrontation Survival Exodus Burnin' Rastaman Vibration Kaya Natty Dread Pictures:
  9. Item: Assorted SACDs and a gold CD Location: Altona, VIC Price: Varies Item Condition: Mostly very good with light scratches on some, with Peter Gabriel IV being the worst, Thriller and the Beach Boys being the best, almost new. Reason for selling: Selling SACD player (hopefully). Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Postage is free standard. If you want it sent as a parcel for tracking purposes just add $3. All SACD except for the Curtis Gold CD. Peter Gabriel - I $90 Peter Gabriel - IV $90 Bob Marley - Young Mystic $75 SOLD Michael Jackson - Thriller $125 SOLD Marvin Gaye - What's Goin' On MFSL $45 Marvin Gaye - Let's Get It On - $45 Curtis Mayfield - Curtis - $40 Pretenders - II $40 Beach Boys - Today! - $55 Beach Boys - Little Deuce Coupe - $55 Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here - $70 SOLD Pictures:
  10. I don’t see anything happening with the streaming services we currently have in Australia but I’m interested how they will offer their own content. They might just need to sell their programmes like they already do with iTunes movies and tv shows. In any case, how is this supposed to be a Netflix killer? Are they adding a catalogue of movies as well as their own content?
  11. I usually buy it on iTunes as soon as it goes up, which will probably be sometime this week, with the expectation I will watch the whole series when it is released. Then, after waiting a week or so, I can't help myself and go and pirate it.
  12. No smart TVs have it yet do they? To the OP, you can get a Vodafone TV and add Kayo to Kodi and watch from there. I don't know which is better, the completely shocking UI of the Kayo app or what it looks like as just a list in Kodi.
  13. Stan is bad but at least the stuff that shows on the home screen are shows I would consider watching. Like if I want to watch Billions I just open the app and it's there. Kayo has absolutely nothing I like on the home screen, I have to scroll past everything to get to it or go to My Kayo. Sometimes I give up and turn the TV off it shits me that much.
  14. Goddammit!! Stop being wussies. I said pick ONE!!!!!!!!!!! Lol. I’ve actually culled most of my collection. I can’t get rid of Radiohead because the cover art and packaging is just so nice. I’ll be culling my SACD/CDs as well so I can just go with iTunes music. I haven’t missed any of the stuff I’ve sold to be honest.
  15. John Paul Young looked kinda shithouse last time I saw him when he performed Love is In The Air for the 1,900,000,000th time on TV. Bryan Adams still seems quite up to it. May be a little younger than the ones that have truly had it though, in their 70's and whatnot.
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