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  1. OP here, So I listened to some of your advice to let the speakers run in, reposition my speakers. You guys will probably laugh but I was using an old Crestron DMPS3-300 a corporate AV presentation switcher as a preamp I had it from work. I didn't want to admit I was using that. I got a new schiit saga preamp to replace it. And some decent Interconnects. This is my system so far iMac> Tidal > Audirvana>Schiit Modi 3> Schiit Saga> Emotiva BasX A-150 > Elac debut B6.2. So far I'm really enjoying this setup. I feel happier with my purchase. That feeling of regret has faded alot. I can listen to these speakers for longer sessions compared to my previous speakers which where alot brighter. The saga added a little warmth to sound which I love. This is my first proper hifi stereo system. I am tempted to upgrade to a schiit vidar amp or Aegir if someone can recommend if the Aegir is enough to power to elacs. I have every on a kallax unit so those amps would fit nicely and match. I just want to say thank you for the advice you guys gave. I'm glad I didn't sell my gear straight away. I got some pretty lowball offers. Cheers guys, OP
  2. Thanks for your input guys, someone's made an offer on the amp. I'm ready to spend around 1000 for a new amp. What amp do think will let speakers sing in that price range ? Or should I not expect too much from that price range.
  3. This is on point. I did give my new speakers more chance and tried with different music. I do like them very much. But exactly what you said. The return on the dollars spent is not there. As I did underate the speakers I had already as they were "old". Thanks for your comments. I don't feel as bad anymore.
  4. I would say there's more colour. I'm going from active speakers to having seperate amp. But I'll give it another try cheers mate.
  5. My old ones are front ported as well. I've got a decent amount of space from wall. About half a metre. On stand mount about ear height. A full 2 metres apart. And my room is quite full so there's not really any reflections. It's not that they sound bad in my room. They sound really good. Its the fact they do not sound better or worse than my old speakers. Makes me question what did I spend $1250 on....
  6. Yeah that's probably it. I probably also have too high expectations of gear because of reviews. Any I'll set up thegear again and give it more of a chance to break in. Thanks guys
  7. Thanks mate, I guessed I rushed this decision and will need more research next time. Thanks for your input frank
  8. How do you tell if the amplifier is not adequate to drive the speakers? What should I be listening for?
  9. Yeah I'd love a rent a speaker option to audition at home. My thing is I already really like my old speakers . I got hyped watching too many reviews. I assumed they would be better because mine were 'old'. I've packed them up and put them up for sale. I just hope I don't lose too much on them.
  10. It's only been a day.... In store the emotiva was great with the amp. I even used the same emotiva to audition some klipsch rp-600m. And they sounded beautiful together. But they were out of my price range. Maybe the klipsch are more efficient to run that's why they sounded good with that amp. I dunno. Hrmmm I get what you mean. I was originally looking at the schiit vidar with schiit saga pre amp.... Just comparing them to my current speakers it just doesn't seem to add much more. My current speakers have better highs and have more clarity. Maybe I should have save more to get speakers and amp in a higher range.
  11. Anyone purchase new hifi gear and immediately been dissatisfied? I bought new speakers (elac debut 2.0 b6.2) that were highly rated for the price and decent amp (emotiva a-150) to go with it. I auditioned in store and they sounded great but when I put next to my old speakers they just didn't seem worth all the money I spent. My current speakers (event project studio 6. are powered studio monitors that are over 10 years old that I purchased second hand and upgraded the tweeters. Now I'm annoyed with having to sell the new gear I bought at a loss. Just because I had watched too many speaker reviews and wanted to purchase new speakers when I didn't need too. I now appreciate my current speakers and realise how good they sound.
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