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  1. I have never had ported subs before, so are you saying because I like the characteristics of a sealed sub I should stick to it or do you think if I use room correction, like a miniDSP for the 2 ported subs I should get a better result in what I want. Sorry for asking so many questions......
  2. Hi Rolland, Thank you for your input, it is much appreciated. And you are right about more than one sub, duels would definitely expand the sound stage and that is what I am after. As I listen to music and watch movies I need subs that are tight sounding as well as giving me enough impact on movies........ I don't like subs that are boomy. If you don't mind me asking what subs are you running now, is it 2 Krix Tektonix?
  3. Hi Rolland, Great review !! In your opinion do you think 2 x Krix Seismix 3 MK7 would be sufficient for a theatre room which I use for both movies and music that it is 5.7m x 4m x 2.7m. I have an old Velodyne SPL Series II 1200R Subwoofer which I love but it is 10+ years old and I would like to upgrade. I run a 7.1 channel system using Subsonic Speakers........... Fronts: XM 1 MkII Centre: XC 1 Surrounds and Surrounds Back: XR2
  4. Congratulations, they look awesome. I have heard so many reviews about Edwards speakers over the years, all very positive. I'm looking at talking to Edward about purchasing 2 Subwoofers for my home theatre room. Just need to work out what size I need..... 10 or 12's. I listen to a a bit of music as well.. best to talk to Edward.
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