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  1. Actually, I fixed it! Opened it up and the left channel fuse had blown. The second set of speakers work on a selector setting called 'Matrix'. And the headphones need selector switch set to 'Remote'. The only thing I couldn't replace were the four blown bulbs. They are the old screw in type. XAMR53K is the number. they are 6.3V and 0.25A. Is there a place on this site that might help find them?
  2. The main problem is that only one of the four speaker outputs is working. Both speakers work when plugged into the working speaker jack. The only other issues are some backlights not working and the headphone jack not working.
  3. So the freakiest thing happened today. While at a lions shed my wife and I found a 1970s National hifi that looked exactly like one I had as a teen 25+ years ago. Bought it for $25, took it home and on closer inspection found it IS my old stereo! I am here because it has faults that I will need guidence on. Here's hoping.
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