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  1. DriverStoreExplorer also know as Raptr to some... Remove conflicting & old drivers. (basically fix all the random AMD CPU/GPU issues after updates) https://github.com/lostindark/DriverStoreExplorer Microsoft Autoruns See whats running with the O/S, Remove whats running (not recommended unless you know what you are doing ~ Basiclly used to remove left over Gigabyte app issues.) https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/sysinternals/downloads/autoruns 7Zip Freeware Winrar/Winzip. More so used for .7Z & .RAR files since Windows 10 can do .ZIP https://www.7-zip.org/download.html FPSMON Shows FPS counter, ram usage e.t.c. more so for checking PC info when benchmarking. https://fpsmon.com/en/ Flawless Widescreen Fixes 29:1, 3440X1440 e.t.c. issues. Not really needed anymore, but good to have if you come across older games that have issues. https://www.flawlesswidescreen.org/ Ryzen D-Ram Calc A starting point for settings to overclock your ram on your Ryzen CPU. https://www.techpowerup.com/download/ryzen-dram-calculator/ Ds4 Windows PS4 control emulator to get the PS4 controller to work perfectly with Windows PC's including touchpad, vibrate & blutooth. (not required but makes it easier if you dont have the script fixes for the controller like I do) https://github.com/Ryochan7/DS4Windows/releases Lockhunter Got a stuck file that wont let you delete it? because bugged, hacked/virus or Window Reset required. use this to remove it. https://lockhunter.com/
  2. I should of just shared this the first time. peaks not major. Look at the DB & compare it against well... some other headphones, near enough. If it was up at 10 or higher then you can be worried, depending on how loud you listen to your music. Also if you need a Du Pont mod hit me up I don't need mine never use it & not just because i have a HD800s, but because I like the stock HD800 sound.
  3. You know a few hours ago i would of happily argued this a bit, Right now.... After a few hours of listening to my old songs I'm just sitting here nodding thinking, Yip & Yip. spot on!
  4. I can also vouch its a great unit But not for the HD800s (Specifically). Very sharp & compressed sounding, lacking completely in soundstage. As far as the THX aaa 789 goes I've only tried one for a limited time. I do have one of the August (September) runs on order, I got it because it has has better treble than my Audio-GD NFB1 Amp which i feel is something the HD800s needs.
  5. Hello, I joined up to have a look around, Already found a few things of interest.
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