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  1. Hi, I supppose that you are assuming the phono stage input resistance is the usual 47,000 ohms? So a SUT with a 1:10 ratio gives 10x10 = 100 divided into 47000 = 470 ohms. But if you have a phono stage with adjustable input resistance then you can work out the best setting for your SUT and mc. For example, a fairly common 1 : 20 SUT works out as 20 x 20 = 400 divided into 47,000 = approx 117 ohms. As long as the mm input was not overloaded by the SUT output: 0.35 x 20 = 7mV.
  2. Further information: Bought from a Tom Evans, UK, dealer as 'ex dem' In 2017. Sent both the Vibe and Pulse to Tom Evans to be upgraded to the then latest spec. The standard Vibe comes with a 'wall wart' PSU but this is the top of the line VIbe with the (older-style) two box external Pulse 1.1 PSU which features a custom transformer and extra 'Lithos' regulation. (the latest Vibe now comes with a larger one box PSU) The two box PSU uses the same box style as the Groove SRX PSU so matches the Groove, visually. Tom Evans has patents on the Vibe circuit and Lithos discete voltage regulat
  3. Further information: Bought from a Tom Evans UK dealer as 'ex dem'. Both phono stage and external PSU were completely upgraded to very latest spec' by Tom Evans in Nov' 2020 so still under warranty. Nominal 0.4mV input. mc pick-ups from 0.2 to 06mv are Ideal. The SRX is so amazingly quiet and linear, even at the lowest volume levels, that it sounds great with my Audio Note IO gold (0.05mV)! without a SUT! Superb with my Ikeda 'Kai' (0.19mV) and Denon DL 103 (0.4mV). Input resistance is user adjustable from 112 to 1000 ohms in 9 steps. capacitance is also user adjustable fro
  4. Slghtly off subject. My Merrill Williams 101.2 Turntable has a bearing well that is approx 0.6 mm larger in diameter than the platter spindle! The platter leans at an angle, (a bit like a well-tempered TT with the belt removed) until you fill the well with the supplied Very viscous oil. You have to add the right amount of oil and leave the platter spinning for a while. Then there is no play in the platter and absolutely no rumble through my speakers. The platter spindle is held in place by a column of oil and only the bottom tip of the spindle actually makes contact with a small
  5. Further information: Drivers are in 100% working order and sound wonderful. Cabinets have marks and small veneer defects, see pics. Approx 100db/1 watt, 8 ohm. Suitable amplifiers that I have tried: Bakoon integrated (Ideal combination), Leak stereo 20 (lovely), First Watt FJ2 (superb) Yamamoto A010 (wonderful), DIY SV 811-10 SET with C Core OPTs ( Wow!) I used the speakers with a pair of small, high quality subs to get a full-range system that will play pretty much any music you like. The speakers weigh an estimated 40kg each and I have the packing cases for them so ship
  6. I have a First Watt FJ2 which I'll be selling once my, being upgraded, valve amp arrives from the UK. It's a voltage In / current out amplifier so only really suitable for single-driver speakers (which is what I have). However It's a 10K input Impedance and doesn't work well with a Dave Slagle or Towshend Allegri AVC. My Tom Evans Vibe (30 ohm output Z) drives it very well and you can hear the difference. The AVCs sound a bit 'rolled off' at the frequency extremes and are not as dynamic as the Vibe. This may well be the lowish input Z of the FJ2 so I think you are
  7. I should also mention that the two ebony-cased polyester? coupling caps were upgraded to super-expensive Audio Note (UK) Silver/Mylar coupling caps. I think a very worthwhile Improvement. You only see these caps is the absolute top of the range AN amps so no wonder they don't come as standard in the 'affordable' Yamamoto amps. All the other components are already of the highest quality Including 2! Denko R-core mains transformers (which you don't get in even very expensive amps) and gorgeous C-Core output transformers.
  8. Hi and thank you for your Interest. I bought the amp minus the power valves. Mr Shigeki Yamamoto was kind enough to Include 4 lovely 'coke bottle' RCA Victor '80's and two Siemens C3Ms. These valves are 'too nice to use' so have only been used to show off to friends but they are Included. I'll also Include the 'bought as NIB' RCA 80s in the photo and another pair of 'bought as NIB' Siemens C3Ms which i used with the amp. I'll Include 1 pair of Hytron 38142 / VT52 with less than 100 hours use and one pair of Sylvania VT52s with approx 300 hours use. I bought both pairs
  9. Further information: Photos: PLEASE READ If you are advertising multiple items, you must post one bulk price only, or post seperate ads for each item If you include any reference to pricing whatsoever in this section (excluding RRP), your ad will not be approved If you don't include photographs of the actual item being sold, your ad will not be approved
  10. Hi, Apologies for the delay in replying. I've been up to my eyes in packing up and moving house. I've just returned to NZ and am currently In 'managed Isolation so now have time to catch up on e mails and notifications. My Lowther TP1s were someone else's DIY project. They are made of MDF and are the more 'modern' design with the drivers facing forward and the bass horns also exiting out the front rather than downwards as in the older TP1s. They are approx' 105db/1 watt from about 50Hz to 15kHz and Impedance varies from 25ohms above 15KHz and below 50 Hz, t
  11. Hi, I Iisten mainly to music recorded on vinyl. My record collection Is mostly Baroque, Classical, Romantic and 'modern' with some jazz and pop/rock. too. My Turntable Is a Merrill Williams '101.2' fitted with an Ikeda 'IT 407' tonearm and Ikeda 'Kai' pickup. I use a Teres Audio 'Verus' rim drive motor and PSU in place of the fitted belt drive and The TT sits on Towshend seismic pods in place of the fitted rubbery feet. Amplification is all from Tom Evans Audio, Yamamoto and First Watt. A 'Mastergroove' phono stage, 'Vibe Phoenix' pre-amp and a 'Linear A' hybrid
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