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  1. Looking for an integrated amp to drive Proac Tablette 10 speakers Up to $2k, including used. The Proac's seem to have a fairly lean character with an accentuated upper midrange/lower treble, so I'm looking for an amp with a warmer sound with a bit more body to it. My current amp (50w myryad z142) doesn't seem to have enough control over the woofers, yes the bass is tight and not bloomy, but the leading edge of drumbeats/bass notes just isn't fast enough, there's not enough punch/drive to the sound, and as a result a lot of music seems just a bit "mushy" for want of a better word. So I guess a warm and fast/punchy sounding amp is what I'm after...? What about Marantz PM16/PM17? Perreaux Audient 80i? (easier to find in NZ where I live) Musical Fidelity m6i? Vintage Rotel RB850? (liked the sound it produced with other (much cheaper/different) speakers) (not interested in tubes)
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