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  1. And back in business. Running in new drivers on the mains courtesy of Mr Ball. A real gem that fellow. Big ups.
  2. PJ lift and surrounds back up. Screen cleaned and remounted. First time it's been turned on in over ten years and all is good - just in time for my lad's 13th bday party tomorrow. Gotta be Empire Strikes Back for the first screening. Yuss.
  3. They've been beaten half to death - literally, only 3/6 drivers are working - by children and animals over the years. Rather sad state. Had a chat to Chris about fixing them up. Really nice guy. Just need to get them to Auckland.
  4. Gear de-dusted, rack cleaned and centre bolts installed on the shelves, room repainted, couches purchased, Chris from Image offered to repair the 412s (bless him). It's all go for the return of the HT room and getting back to listening to music in the sweet spot. Stoked.
  5. Impressive! Really cool to see progress pics of this level of build. Cheers Tequila.
  6. Thanks Marc. The Chameleon's look interesting. Possibly a bit too big for my room but then I've never tried anything bigger than small floorstanders, so they may go better than I imagine. I've never had any joy with centre speakers. Switching to identical LCR was so much better I wouldn't go back. If Image can't help me out with the 412s I'll probably drop the centre entirely and invest more in the mains. My partner would be stoked to have more couch space too.
  7. I'm waiting for Image to get back to me about repairing my three 412 mkI speakers which I use for stereo and as the front left, centre and right in a HT setup. In the interim, I've been looking at other possible options and it occurred to me that it could be quite difficult to get 3 matched speakers instead of the usual pair from anyone other than Image. Does anyone have any ideas about other options? Budget is under $4k. I really would like to stick with identical floorstanders for the seamless LCR integration it gives in movies. Cheers.
  8. So that's what the Hula Hut looks like. Awesome. The pics are a bit mixed up on this thread, but you get the gist. Thanks Marc.
  9. Heh. I'm gonna need to do some new treatment in our room. Got a near literal tonne of lego about. Maybe I could make something like those ceiling panels out of it. Probably end up looking more like a shitty rainbow star wars model though.
  10. Dang. That is one gorgeous setup. I would both love and loathe to listen to the music this makes. For the experience and the quite possible resulting desire for something I cannae get, respectively. Who makes the acoustic wall panels? Look interesting.
  11. Do recognise a few familiar names from the AE forum. Bit of a shame the pics haven't carried over. Love checking out other people's systems. Yep, same Callum. Merge them please Marc. Cheers.
  12. Good job. Can be hard keeping a rein on things you're passionate about. Holy hell there are some incredible systems on here. Stoked to see the importance being placed on room acoustics and treatment. If there was anything I would start a fight over back then, it was glass-topped coffee tables in front of fifty grand speakers. Hehe. It's good to be back.
  13. Cheers Bodhi. Were you on the AE forums? Hooked up yea olde boston acoustics rears from the HT while we paint the room and sort out getting the Image 412s fixed. Busting out the running man with the kids is gold. Stoked I got those Perreaux amps. Worth every penny.
  14. Woah. Excuse the thread bump. I've been pulling apart this system to revamp it after ten years of neglecting my baby to focus on human offspring and wondered if AudioEnz was still alive. I guess not. So big ups to Michael J for the original site and to whoever organised retaining the AE forum posts. Kudos. Callum
  15. Hi all My Ma is looking for a replacement for her aging CRT and video recorder. Does anyone have any recommendations for a basic TV and a recorder that will be used strictly for watching terrestrial TV and recording the odd episode of Coro? They must be relatively straight forward to use and not too costly. Built in speakers much preferred. I was thinking a Panasonic LCD of some sort and a hard drive recorder. Opinions much appreciated. Cheers
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