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  1. Hi Turhan, Welcome to the forum The Listening Post Have quite a few audio technicians that could fix your C240. Thanks best of luck, Bruno
  2. Hi all Now I have been here for a while now and recently got a message from Marc saying I should introduce myself so here it goes My name is Bruno Willmott-Dalton i am 13 years old from Christcurch New Zealand I am a fanboy of vintage and hobby electronics and make Valve amplifers with my Papa. We are fans of the nz made Transformers like Beacon ATC and other makes. my Papas setup includes a pair of Leak TL12s el84 12au7 ef86 a Leak Stereo 20 and a lenco l78 [shure stili] and a pair of Pioneer PAX in bass reflex cabs also a 301 with a sme arm in the making stage at this point and time. my setup you can find here. I also do not own a phone unlike the avrage 13 year old i am also doing a electronic\inovation comp called ASB BRIGHTSPARKS I find it hard to make friends because of my intrests that are art,electronic synthizizer music,buying and selling [being some what entrepreneurial] and playing around with retro tech and making stuff I know a few people but no one realy that are into making stuff with valves:( [but what 13 year old does play around with retro tech and valves] to add to all that presrure i also have quite a few learning desibiltys including despraxsia,adhd and some other ones with stupidly long names that i can not remember. Thanks Have a nice day, Bruno
  3. Now thinking of putting the amp in to a 4u inch rack mount case that i have its quite solidly made and might bulid in something like the Nelson Pass b1 buffer in to it. this project will be ready in about 3 mouths at most due to a big electronic comp i am doing called ASB BRIGHTSPARKS so sorry about that. Thanks, Bruno
  4. UPDATE: New Speakers when i have finished a electronic coump here in NZ i will be starting to make my 6v6g push pull amps based off the Leak TL12 i will be using some buitifull Speakers that are FULL RANGE 16 OHM PIONEER PAX-20A in hand made mahogany bass reflex cabs. Thanks for all the support, Bruno
  5. the Pye amp schamatic is almost identical to the Mullard 7-7 but with a extra ecc83 in its phono stage. In the 60s you could buy a kit set from Philips called the STREOPHONIC a ecl82 push pull amp electricly the same to my Pye but had NZ Beacon 10 watt beacon output transformers on it and had a philips branded Radiogram turntable in the top of also a red bakalight frount with very 60s white and gold sato knobs it i know that because me and my papa had one in our lounge as our so called Movie watching amplifer we sold that about 4 mounths ago now we are using a very simular NZ made amp with the same schamatic as the philips made in Christcurch by TRU-FI it even has a sticker on the back of it that says the local hifi dealer in town from the 60s. Bruno
  6. Hi all I need a bit of help with the amp, so a few days ago i looked at my papas pair of tl12 [el84 ecc81 ef86] version and drawed out the backilight phonocic board in to my book but it is a slighty diffrent schamatic so i was wondring if anyone here would be able to take a picture of the underside of there tl12.1 [kt66 6sn7 ef36 gz32] to compere my papas amplifer. its a big ask but i am having a bit of trouble trying to find a pic of the underside of one. the next step is to asemble the chassie and make the main phonolic tag board. Thanks for all the surport on the project, Bruno
  7. It took a wile to do the photos as I don't own a phone I had to use my camera and then play around in my pirated photoshop and then upload them to here.in the pics you will also see some other gear that include a SONY 250 real to real also as a dac I use a ALESIS MULITMIX8 that I have going into my computer to my amp its main use is for dj mixing and microphones I can also plug it via usb into my computer and can record from my mixer. also in the background is a ham reciver from the 1950's its a EDDYSTONE 840A it belongs to me dad but dosent realy have a place suitable to put it. also are my 5 dollar KOSS K-6LC headphones that I use with my mixer when I'm not using my main amp. some valves just for the photos including some cv ef37a's for my amp I am making and some 6v6gs and other radio related valves, some TDK C90 and C60 blank cassets and jap db/vu meters because WHY NOT. The green metal box is a 40 watt mono solid state thing that I made with my papa when I was 9 out of a premade KEMO kit amp. Thanks for reading Bruno
  8. Hi Just me but why replace the arm on the kenwood to a sme, nice set up Thanks, Bruno
  9. Hi all this is my hifi story now the gear that most kids use now is a phone and a portable speaker or a cheap mini system but I don't. even the first audio product that I bought with my own money was a pair of mid range noise cancelling sony headphones for 30 dollars down from 150 dollars on a boxing day sale with my Christmas money around 4 years ago . In 2016 my papa got into vintage radios buying the odd lot or two off trade me and metting people along the way including joining the N.Z.V.R.S [that he published a acticle on how to remake dial covers.] and our local vintage radio club through one of his trademe buyings papa got a tiny we ecl82 stereo single ended radiogram chassis that papa kindly tried to change to just a amp not knowing that it had blown output transformers he talked to Murray a audio serviceman who invited us to his house to debug it he told us that it had blown output transformers a few months go past Murray gives me a ex film ecl82 se amp with a dulci preamp that was my first hifi amp. mid 2016 Murray gives me a pye nz made push pull ecl82 amp to keep and fix that I use now we see Murray every week to this day he's a very good friend of my and my papa. so what about now you ask, at the moment I am making a pair of push pull 6v6g based tl12.1 monoblocks that I will be using a pair of vintage pioneer speakers in bass reflex cabs for the meantime I use a PYE stereophonic ecl82 push pull amp fun fact it is the first commercial New Zealand made stereo amp also a TRIO KT-5300 tuner and a PANASONIC SL-PJ325 cd player made in japan with a home made passive preamp and a pair of decent PHILIPS HIFI INTERNATIONAL speakers. Pics coming soon. Thanks for reading or viewing, Bruno Willmott-Dalton 2018
  10. Haha, love the amp how did you do the writing on the frount Kind regrads, Bruno
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