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  1. Looks like any early Japanese 1970's from a Woody - ( Pioneer , Sony etc ) . I'll do some research & see if I can match it. F.A.B.
  2. Most of the last few posts look spot-on. There are 3 main lengths for straight arm headshells. Short , Med ( most common ) & long. We have these 3 in the showroom , but in Auckland , New Zealand sadly. Aussie vintage are you going to be putting another Cart on the spare Headshell ? If so which ? F.A.B.
  3. So Choccofish , What Vintage are lovin' the most atm ? F.A.B.
  4. Yep BrettBR the Summer series was grand. Are you going next year ? Idol Thorogood Clearwater Smash Mouth & Anastacia - Not bad for a little more than $100 F.A..B.
  5. Request to Marc & others when did NZ have their last major Hifi show event? Who , when etc. I don't mean a Store promo for a visiting Brand rep , more many brands. In the Sheraton or Ellerslie perhaps - my brain's a little foggy & the only one I can remember attending was an Absolute Sound event - Parnell Villas - 90's maybe ? Someone might remember ? F.A.B.
  6. Hey Highpara They are like Hens teeth to find. If you get one that needs repair or overhaul I can fix it for you. Sometimes around $500 mark. For one in ok/good condition way north of $1000. I have a quite few Technics for sale from the family. 1600 , 1500 etc All the best. F.A.B.
  7. Sorry Graceman , your CD104 is a different vintage. The rivet faults are on in this early generation machine only. To the CD 65. Substitution Servicing ( without scope etc ) If the fault hasn't changed since you got it ( was the same popping when demoed to you ), the the fault may be in the digital filter / DAC. 7220 / TDA1541P or something around this area. You've replaced Caps so you can probably add sockets to both Decoder Pcbs ( your & friends ) & swap over the 2 IC's, one at a time. A little tricky , but with some care you can put new DIP sockets ( 24 std & 24 narrow ) in after carefully removing the old ICs . Do the same to your friends one & test after each procedure. This may help to eliminate these, or identify one as faulty. Sockets are great to have in Philips Machines anyway. F.A.B.
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