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  1. Yo! $50 (plus post) gets you the above. Or it's on Trade Me at $60. Cheers GT
  2. Unfortunately to tame the hi's you need to do a few things but sadly a couple are no-goes... Use the speakers on the floor. This is where they are "voiced" to be. Maybe try them upside down??? Worth a shot. The TV screen in the middle really boosts the treble as it's a very reflective surface. Throw a sheet over the TV to kill the reflections... This has it's limitations when in AV mode though Bi-wiring IMO does increase the treble output. Single wire with the + wire to the + tweeter and the - wire to the - bass terminal. And use the same cable for the links as you are for the speaker cable.
  3. A mate was recently sold an HT set-up by these guys. $2500 for weetbix speakers and a crappy projector... He still needs to buy an amp! I've seen the goods and they are complete rubbish. Not that I told him that as I didn't want to rub it in...!
  4. As Sugden says, Naim is certainly not reserved. I went to a Naim Supernait after it pushed a Perreaux r200i out the door. The Naim is 80w, the Perreaux 200w. The Naim blew the Perreaux out of the room by sheer pace and drive. Great amps. And an awful lot better with a Hicap power supply. If you can do without the DAC feature, try a Naim XS. Brilliant amp for the (secondhand) money.
  5. A Naim Supernait ticks all the boxes BUT they are still over $2k...
  6. Mine arrived yeterday, too. Didn't get a chance to really listen last night but initially I thought i-tunes sounded a tad smoother but the pace had gone slightly so I decided to just use it in the spare USB port for now until I can really get my ears into it and fire up Amarra. But given all the positive vibes around this thing, it must be doing something right...?
  7. Agreed. Never rely on a verbal from a call centre operator. Insurers will do anything to escape their obligations. Been there done that. Get communications in writing... And do it again.
  8. Michael When the time comes, maybe in another 30-odd years, you can make your own AudioEnz Downfall video... http://downfall.jfedor.org
  9. No newsletter here Michael, I go to Profile to check my email address but all I get is Error 404....? Cheers J
  10. Hi Chris Like Dunnersfella, I too use Fidelia for file conversion and file playback (itunes for ripping). But just a point on converting for i-phone; assuming you are using itunes, itunes will convert higher bit rate songs to 256, 192 or 128 in Summary > Options. (if you know this already, sorry for telling ya how to suck eggs!!)
  11. 72.2. I think that could be improved on as I wanted the test to finish ASAP so I could eat breakfast...!
  12. Yeah, bring back HiFi ads. Bob Brown in CHCH was doing TV ads well into the 80's...
  13. Stanley. I won't call you thick...because that's not nice. But you do realise the "Bob Katz likes iTunes Radio" is a link? Click it and all will be explained!
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