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  1. This looks like the hidden content of every cupboard I have in the house on display lol. When do you stop? I'm sizing up some new gear for my cabin onboard the ship I work on - probably Yamaha NX-N500 active loudspeakers with built in streaming/dac etc. My lovely little Q Acoustics BT-3 aren't so well after a faulty Thor power strip decided to do the dirty on me. Ah justification - there it is!
  2. Loving that sideboard - very Scandinavian! Mum's got one just like it, the bottle of Bacardi I found in it when I was 13 put me off white rum for life. Still can't even sniff a bottle cap without wanting to hurl ?
  3. Wilkommen! It's early days here so far Billy, but it'll grow and bustle along ? It's also a good idea having a musical encyclopedia or 2 on the forum ? Gaz
  4. I've ordered two of 'em Marc, one for home and one for the ship ?! I'll be popping into AV WORLD for a look/listen to the HE-1's, they are the impressed retailer Steve mentioned. Willy, put the kettle on mate!!
  5. For those who haven't read this, here's the link to Steve Smith's Orpheus experience https://www.stereonet.co.nz/features/a-night-with-sennheisers-he-1-headphones
  6. Yep! Great to see you @Mozasaur
  7. What a beautiful piece of design this is https://www.trademe.co.nz/1591238473
  8. Absolutely on the money there Bodhi. I've been exceptionally lucky with the rooms I've used for Hifi, they have miraculously been superb as listening environments. A source upgrade every now and again doesn't hurt - esp with digital gear as the technology continues to mature. Gaz
  9. As an audio enthusiast with a regular gear 'churn' until recently, I have to say I'm more than happy with my current setup. I don't think I'll be getting rid of anything for the foreseeable future Except maybe an upgraded streamer, or maybe even the DAC Nothing else though, I promise...
  10. That's a superb looking system @perfectcircle - definitely adding a good quality DAC will make a considerable improvement, but the Primaluna must really make those Klipsches sing!
  11. Well well, what's this! A back-loaded horn design. Looks like things have changed in terms of their market focus, at the high end at least. I just gotta get a pair of those for review - my 300B's are yearning for them
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