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  1. Don't waste your time with it. Almost all of it is analogue tape re masters or PCM down samples or re- samples. Editing of recordings can't be done in native DSD, its done as PCM and then converted to DSD. Every time you convert you loose. Its essentially a gimmick to get you to re-buy the music you already have.
  2. Klipsch would be hard to go past for your genre of music.
  3. You should clean the contacts of your connectors regularly..if the connectors are solder-less, clean and re-terminate regularly. Oxidation increases the resistance. Tis why new cables often sound better. Match your cables size via resistance and current capability, ignore capacitance until your doing really long runs. Use your Multimeter to select cables. An excellent cable is easily found for $5 - 15 a metre. Connectors around $15 - $40 each depending on requirements. Spend more than that and your a idiot or a sucker and the salesman saw you coming. To be fair, some salesmen believe there own bullshit.
  4. But it from overseas. It is highly possible the local distributor is greedy, the internet will kill his business volume.
  5. While your comment Vinylhead is correct at a potential extreme. I'll add to that, at a vast extreme, that would require a amp with no protection circuitry or even a fuse. I think your being extremely pedantic over something that is not realistic in the real world. On tubes, as an electrical engineer as you state you are, you would have some understanding of metallurgy and the effects of hot and cold on metal components. Filament used in heaters and hot cold cycling in regard strength derogation, would be something I'd expect you to know about. Stable operating temperatures of devices used for current regulation is pretty important. Or am I wrong?
  6. SACD and a CD player have very opposing requirements for output stage. You will have to spend tens of thousands of dollars to get a single device at retail that does both properly. SACD's signal at output only requires a filter, there is no d/a conversion required. It is basically a lot of variable frequency noise with a recorded audio signal hidden in the range we can hear, with a bit of artifacts. If you were serious about SACD. demo them and buy the one that sounds best for SACD. and Then get a good CD player as well.
  7. Pleased your happy. I half arsed mocked up a Jfet version of this pre. I haven't had a listen to it yet. For the other readers of this thread, some of the tips are specific to this design.
  8. You need to ground the pre chassis.
  9. Given Bryston's robust quality standards, I'm surprised you have a faulty product. It does happen to every company, but if its had three failures? I'd suggest the technician isn't up to par. So. I would email Bryston directly. To solve that problem with product not being fixed right first time, sounds like lazy or incompetence. As you are I would be very disappointed in the retailer. Who is the retailer?
  10. You will have to look up the frequencies on the Radio spectrum management website.
  11. Marcus Wilson in lower hutt, 09 589 9161
  12. Even if you have a concrete tile roof you will loose 8-12db in gain. Mount it on the roof regardless of what path you choose.
  13. I'd buy one for $100, it will likely be better...I would also mount it on the roof unless you have a concrete tile roof. Other wise its in a Faraday cage with a metal roof.
  14. Gary M. Nice post to this thread. I disagree with your comment on impedance matching? IF, and only IF, you are referring to my comment on cables. Rca terminated cables and matching impedence of connectors too the cable. Ie: say a 75Ohm digital being terminated in a Rca that is of a lower or what ever value. Is an example, same for all single ended terminations. I know technically the amount it matters is next to nothing most of the time. I personally think bnc should be the standard.
  15. Ha. It seems I had a senior moment, as Hi-Fi Heathen points out, a little sarcastically. No one is infallible, my mistake. I presumed when you said 'cranking your sansui' It was a amplifier. I think Heathen is on the right track with setup, there are plenty of knowledgeable people on here to get advice off in this subject. Owen, Omegaspeedy and Cliff seem to be logical at this subject. A precision scale to get tracking weight might be an idea for a old turntable. Thoughts Vinyl Guru's? I'll step a side now. Ps: My nephew has complaints about the quality of recorded material, modern artist's produce on vinyl compared to its real era. Could be a contributing factor?
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