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  1. The state of play - a system update: Current status - sources: Kenwood KD600/SME III/Shure V15III Marantz PMD510 cassette deck Technics 5 disc cd changer AR T-04 Tuner Revox B77 (on the blocks) Amplification xo speakers: Sansui AU555 (pre) Mini DSP 2x4 HD Sansui AU555 power => Coral dipole subs (2 x 10l-17A per cabinet) Muse Rose Viox T-amp => Coral 4A-70 in open baffle. Plans for the future. replacing smps to MiniDSP and T-amp these are a bit noisey - I have an old tx that has 2° 5v, 12v & 25v to build linear supply, but I like to procrastinate... Driving 4A-70s with class A (yet another project) possibly a line level XO to take minidsp out of system and the adc/dac step. Other stuff Garrard 401/shroeder clone (v.low tech)/ rebodied AT95e/B&O SP14 Marantz PM6002 AR A-04 Speakers RS 40-1197, Tangband SJ1320, some other FE103 clones, Richard Allan CG8T (2 pair) and heaps more.. Not Hi-end hi-fi but it plays music and gives me endless options to tutu.
  2. Currently listening to music 101, will spin some black discs before the rugby to warm me up.
  3. The Chathams is a great place to visit, not such a great place to buy records or groceries..
  4. ...and pleased to know that all the old posts from AEnz are here too, a lot of good stuff in here. at 178°E make the claim of the easternmost member - anyone on the Chathams?
  5. I just passed by a minty jvc in waipawa. Don't know too much about it , but the owner, tony ward, pointed out to me as a much underrated table that was almost nib. Can't vouch for much of the whakapapa as I was passing through in a hurry, I intend to stop in on the way home to further explore his shop. You can email him: theartgallery@xtra.co.nz if interested.
  6. Funny, my experience and concerns are just the opposite. I am intending to add a miniDSP to my system to facilitate crossover between the dipole subs I am working (slowly) on and a range of fullrange speakers I like to use. My worry is that the AD/DA conversion is going suck the life out of the analogue goodness I get with vinyl as against the rare times i play from a digital source. I guess it takes all sorts, but in the end it's all about the boogie - I'm listening to a cassette at the moment!
  7. Watching - I may follow you in the new year, but first a Minidsp 2x4hd, then these monoblocks may be just the ticket to drive the Coral 4A70, subject to your findings of course....
  8. god give us a simple and inexpensive speed controller
  9. L78 on TM at the moment, not cheap th' http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=929876535
  10. Thanks the lot for that Owen, always nice to get your input. Yes I need to investigate further. Played the line stage for quite a while, it sounds good. No joy however on the phono input side -something truly awry there. A switching problem looks to be the first issue... starting to look like a can of worms.
  11. I have now replaced the preamp psu caps, setting them back a bit from the diode (thanks Owen). Re-assembled now and sounding fine (cross fingers) with the PSX driving the power amp section. I have reinstated the PSX as there still seems to be an issue with the psu on the Cyrus - ac voltage at rectifier is double on one side to what it should be, negligible on the other (D8 and D5 in the attached circuit). I have checked the diodes as ok on my dmm, perhaps there is another issue.
  12. Thanks for that Owen, I have ordered new caps and they are sightly smaller in diameter, so that may mitigate any issues from the heat from the diode. Will update upon installation of the new caps.
  13. OOps, no circuit diagram, wrong format - was a tiff, now converted.
  14. I have been thinking... The issue is a buzzing that is independent of volume on one channel. It is there regardless of the PSX being in use, when the PSX is used it provides power to the power amplifier circuit, the PSU in the cyrus then only powers the pre-amp of the cyrus, so the large PSU caps are redundant (see attached circuit), instead there is a secondary PSU for the preamp. Looking at the 470uF (50v) caps in that circuit I see that there is some visible signs of deterioration in the form of blistering on the side of one cap. I will replace these caps, resolder the tx, and go from there.
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