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  1. Hi Ian - I can demo a Vinylista one if you are in Tauranga at any time. PM me for contact details.
  2. so each tap = one volume step?
  3. And what does "TVC" stand for and do?
  4. Here's an excellent PCM / DSD format "consumer technical" discussion by the founder of AMR / iFi "Each format has different strengths and weaknesses. For some more background and history, please refer to the separate article (see the Addendum). In short a key issue is that, whenever we convert from one format to another, unless we are living in a perfect world, one can never create a perfect copy in the new format, losses are unavoidable. And worse, in the conversion process we tend to (i) remove whatever makes one format exceptional, and at the same (ii) impress on it the limitations of the other format. If we convert from 24-Bit at 352.8kHz (DXD-PCM) to 1-bit at 2.822MHz (DSD) – we need to throw away around 99.96% of the amplitude information the PCM format is capable of, while we are only having 12.5% of the time domain information that the DSD system is capable of. If we convert to DSD from DXD, that is 1-bit at 2.822MHz to 24-Bit at 352.8kHz – we need to throw away 87.5% of the time domain information of DSD, though we can theoretically remap all of this into the amplitude domain. So in effect we get the worst of both formats, rather than the best of one." See full article at http://www.audiostream.com/content/qa-thorsten-loesch-amrifi#p6mFAEY1fozV2Qvs.99
  5. For Sale Parasound HCA-1000 *** 110v Version *** Great John Curl designed amp that does 125w into 8ohm 200w into 4ohm or 400w into 8ohm when mono-bridged. THX certified. Can be switched to mono to use as a pair for bi-amping. I imported this one a while ago to mono-block with one I already had but while the documentation says they can be wired for either 100v or 230v this one is definitely 110v only and needs a transformer to use in NZ. Comes with USA plug. That said I used it with a transformer for some time and it was excellent. It cost me $365 to land so looking for offers around $200. These are great amps. They are so good Parasound have recently released a very similar revised version under their “Classic” label. Specs: http://www.parasound.com/vintage/hca1000a.php FEATURES • Circuitry designed by John Curl • THX Ultra-certified • Direct Coupled -- no capacitors or inductors in signal path • Input stage uses hand matched complementary JFETs • 12 beta-matched 15 amp, 50 MHz bipolar output transistors • 785VA Toroid power transformer with independent secondary windings for each channel, 40,000 µF power supply filter capacitance • Independent power supplies for each channel • DC Servo and relay protection circuits • Highbias Class A/AB operation • AC present, standby/normal, current overload indicators • Tiffany-style RCA input jacks, loop output jacks • 12 volt DC automatic turn-on circuitry • Gold-plated 5 way speaker binding posts • Custom designed removable IEC AC cord • Rear mounted gain controls; ground lift switch • 2 rack space height front panel • Rack mounting adapter available Happy to be PM'd
  6. serial is #18894 – and the carton shows an original purchase in Chichester, UK.
  7. Hi Owen - serial is #18894 - and the carton shows an original purchase in Chichester, UK - so pretty sure this is UK made. I moved the cd player from "Tuner" to "Aux/AP" and it plays fine, so real sure now that mine is an A60 and not an A60AP. I'll open the box sometime in the future and confirm the absence of the extra AP circuit board, now I know what that looks like. (I also want to see if it has the MC60 board for MC carts. in there or not - I am not expecting it but that would be a bonus.)
  8. Agree - I was heading to that conclusion. Finally found the following on PinkFish, "Quickest way to check if it is an AP version. No need to open up the cover. The AUX din socket on the rear is "upside down" in relation to the other DIN sockets for Tuner and Tape inputs. This is because it is soldered to the AP circuit board and not the main PCB." So this definitely normal A60.
  9. The manual is quite clear, "The A60AP has the facility for the user to split the pre and power amplifiers into separate units … When the pre/power amplifier split facility is not required the DIN shorting plug (supplied with the A60AP) should be inserted into the AP socket as this links the pre and power amplifiers together so that the unit functions as a standard A60." But this one looks clearly an AP version on the back - and the DIN shorting plug is missing - but it works fine as an integrated pre/amp. Anyone understand how this AP bit works??
  10. Just picked up an A&R Cambridge A60AP, paired it with an ARCAM Alpha Plus CD player (Philips TDA1541a) and a pair of B&W DM4's - instant synergy. Why is it that some components play so well together?
  11. I've decided what bits to keep so I have a few bits to sell. However, getting motivated to do the work of selling is slowing me down. So here's a list of what I need to put on TradeMe - let me know if there is anything interesting and that can go up first. Rait 60/60 in teak? (close to mint - with original booklet) Craft C4 pre-amp - recently re-capped and a couple of regulators replaced - adjustable gain on phono stage, so can run MM or MC cartridges - outboard power supply with big caps in it - nice design by Gary Morrison of Plinius fame. The Craft C4 has two outputs - one is a high level output and one low level. Dual 1229Q - comes with multi-spindle - overhauled by Graham Doggett - comes with DL-60 cart, stylus and sled. Also Shure XV15 MkIII with Special Tracking stylus on a Dual mount sled - will sell straight after Dual 1229Q is gone. Lenco L75 - original condition with elastic replacing spring Lenco L78 - auto needs adjusting but goes fine Lenco L78 - auto needs adjusting but goes fine Mission 70 speakers B&W DM6 - in Ash with main woofer professionally replaced with Kef B160 sp1203 from their C80 range. Sounds great but just not entirely original. Parasound HCA-1000 (these do 125 watts 8Ω, 200 watts 4Ω, 400 watts 8Ω mono-bridged - this one was recently recapped and bias set and pots replaced - runs class A till 10 watts) Parasound HCA-1000 - 110v - these do 125 watts 8Ω, 200 watts 4Ω, 400 watts 8Ω mono-bridged. Transformer for 2 110V devices to sell alongside this amp. Parasound C/DC-1500 Compact 5? Disc Changer-Transport with A hybrid 1 bit/18 bit DA converter (part ladder and part bitstream DAC using Burr-Brown PCM-67P - sounds very good) Parasound P/PH-100 Phono Preamplifier
  12. OK - went with the Shure - found an unused SME head-shell in the SME box (it had an Ortofon MC 10 super on it with broken stylus - pity) - looks very good - I'll let you know how the sound turns out.
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