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  1. Snap, happened to me as well on a pair of speakers I made a few years back. Not terribly noticeable but I knew about it, a source of irritation every-time I had the grills off.
  2. Lol if I made them they will always sound good - Of course I might be a tad biased
  3. Speaker design. Just how important is your hearing range? A number of years ago I built a set of Stradivari Clones per Troels Gravesen design which was based on the original from Sonus Faber - Strads. They served me well as a concept design/build project. Recently I retired them, they had begun to sound somewhat flat and lifeless. Partially due to quality ( or lack thereof ) of the tweeters and I suspect some of the crossover components may also be an issue. No matter the cause they are being retired, they are too large and as I retire later this year I want to scale bac
  4. I bought the original album in 1970 scant hours after the local record store had opened. For 51 years I have loved this album, theres not a bad song on it. Fast forward to today and listening ( on Spotify) to Tea For The Tillerman2. I'm not entirely sure as to why Yusuf felt this album needed a rework. I dont mind reinterpretations from the original artist but something went astray here. Note these are my personal opinions only and are not intended a a complete album review. Some of the songs feature on Yusuf's Cafe DVD my favourite Cat Stevens / Yusuf DVD.
  5. Some interesting points all of which I would agree to some degree. I'm first and foremost of Rock/pop music lover, but my range of music taste is much wider than the rock/pop genres. I like a lot of the prog rock music from the 60's and 70's having grown up with it. But I also like folk, country, some punk & new wave to name just a few. I also like good orchestral music, and note I said orchestral. So what do I mean when I say orchestral? Put simply music produced by a full or boutique orchestra. I recently had this conversation with my wife two or three days ago
  6. Same. Never was able to get into Radiohead. Didn't vote either not enough choices. I was a "Fragile" and "Close to the edge" fan and when "Tales of Topographic Oceans" arrived I basically wore out the album. Looking back cant say why I gravitated to this album in particular and 48 years later I still couldn't say why exactly I enjoyed "Relayer" as well although not to the same extent as the previous albums.
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