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  1. Thanks. We have 5.1 + two powered zones so expect to be fine. Found a RX-A2050 at a good price so will go for it.
  2. Hi Sasami Thanks for the explanation. Will have a look. Am considering the Yamaha RX-A2060 which has three powered zones. The app looks good too. While expensive, this may be the cleanest way to get 5.1/7.1 and two powered zones. Cheers!
  3. Thanks, Sasami. We do enjoy the occasional movie in surround sound. Have wired for 5.1 set-up. Will add a 2-channel amplifier with HT by-pass later. What speaker switch do you suggest? Can this be kept in the hub and controlled through an app on the iPhone? Cheers.
  4. Hi all Looking for an AV receiver that does 3 zones - a main area for watching TV/movies connected to 5.1 speakers. Then 2 in-ceiling speakers in the lounge and 2 out-door speakers for Zone 2 & 3. The AV receiver will be in a central hub so has to have good app control. Music is more important than movies so need good sound. Appreciate any advice.
  5. Thanks, Ernie. What speaker wires do you suggest? I am considering a 5.1 set-up - in-wall or on-wall and will in future have a 2-channel audio as a separate set-up. Any advice on decent 5.1 speakers?
  6. 'At the moment audio wire, the best I can find locally is Dynamix High performance 14AWG 2 wire (Unless anyone can suggest better cost effective speaker cable). I’m running all the audio lines in the build, as a cost saving and to make sure they end up where I want them.' Hi Nigel - I was looking at the audio cables. I read that audio cables running through the ceiling/wall have to be CL2 or 3 rated. Is the Dynamix cable rated for in-wall installation? What brand Cat 6 network cable are you using? If you are considering ducting, do the cables end at an end-plate or only in the wall? Any advice about in-wall or on-wall speakers? Cheers.
  7. Thanks for the picture - does make it easier to 'see'!
  8. Hi Robert - that's a good idea. I will ask the builder & electrician to install ducting lines. In our current house, we struggled to bring down a cable from the dish antenna!
  9. Thanks, everyone. Sorry about veering off - got carried away with Nigel's building plan details. Like everything, it is good to have some idea about things to be able to ask the right questions of the professionals!
  10. Thanks for the details, Nigel. It's good to know this stuff to be able to ask/speak to the relevant people. I am thinking about a similar set-up - LED lights, Cat6 wiring, pre-wiring for speakers; I believe these are becoming the norm today! Am thinking of limited automation. The heating system has thermostats & timers, lights can be dimmed at the wall switch and the blinds can have a remote on the wall! Hence the question about what automation is essential? We will have underfloor heating so am researching the heat source - gas or heat pump. Any ideas on this? Cheers.
  11. Thanks, again. Nigel - thanks for the precise details. Does the architect include these specs in the drawings or can the builder work them in during the build? Did you need a consultant/installer or was the electrician able to wire the audio & video? What home automation are you considering? Owen - yes, the stud height will be 2.7 m (and not 2.8). Blame it on my non-technical background!
  12. Thanks again. Robert - Individual circuits may not make an apparent difference but will surely help avoid interference from other equipment. You have a point about home automation & obsolescence. The key will be to figure out automation that is essential. DRE - Surge protection at the switch board and the outlet makes good sense. Will look at the DEHN and PDL products mentioned.
  13. Thanks, Owen Young. Concrete floor with carpet and 2.8 m stud height. Will look at the advice re gib boards. Still at concept plan stage of a new build, so have time to think, plan and action as much as possible. The glass will be one side wall - which cannot be altered due to the design. Any ideas about home automation? Lights will have dimmer switches, security will be separate and heating will have thermostats. We're not looking at integrating them with a home automation system because of the ongoing evolution in the field making software (and hardware) redundant. Does this line of thought make sense?
  14. Thanks, again. RexJ - what do you mean by: "a 4k video link at 50fps will more than saturate a 1G connection, so run 2 or 3 connections to your room from the rack" </span> DRE - had a look at the DEHN site. Quite complex for a non-technical person. What did you go for or suggest? What price range are we looking at?
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