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  1. I built a NAS from some unused PC parts I had left over after an upgrade, added 4x 1.5TB discs and installed FreeNAS. It's used in conjunction with a WDTV Live and can smoothly stream uncompressed 1080P video across my network to my HT setup. The next thing I have planned is to buy a Squeezebox and run that off it for my audio.
  2. gibbo1967;140171 wrote: I also had a listen to the Jamo A 102 HCS 5 5.1 @$793 JB Hifi....for a compact speaker they have alot of grunt....very surprising I bought that set, I didn't have room for a larger set up so was looking for a compact surround system. I found some favourable reviews and the fact they were cheap (didn't want to outlay a large amount on a temporary system) led me to try them out. I still use my existing front speakers though and only use the sub for HT viewing. Picked up mine from JB for about $650ish, they were marked at 793 also, just ask for a cheaper price If you decide to pull the trigger.
  3. tkr001;136445 wrote: I've said it before so I'll say it again....Freenas which happily runs Squeezebox Server as well as running as a NAS. based on Freebsd (unix). Although I only have about 700 cds I have no performance problems. Did you use the SlimNAS extension? I use a FreeNAS server in conjuction with a WDTV Live unit for my HT setup and have been thinking about getting a SqueezeBox Duet for my stereo gear.
  4. Hi there, I have 2 LP's I would like to have converted to WAV/FLAC. Can anyone recommend somewhere in Wellington to have this done? I have found a few places and would prefer one with a focus on audio quality but some just seem to be general media conversion services. I have thought about doing this at home but in reality it would probably be more cost effective for me to outsource it (rather than buy more stuff that needs to be hidden from the wife). Any advice would be well received. Cheers
  5. Hi there, this is my first post but I have re-foamed a couple of woofers just using instructions from the internet. I also used PVA and it seemed to do the job fine and if you make a mistake a little bit of water softens it again. Removing the dust caps and shimming is definitely needed but don't worry it's not too hard, you can slide a blade down the surface of the woofer and gently cut off the dust cap. If you're careful you can easily reuse the cap otherwise just make your own out of a circular piece of card (and use PVA again). Shimming the coil is easy, just cut up a some card (eg business cards) into 10mm strips, insert them at 3 evenly spaced positions around the coil then keep adding at those same positions until the woofer is held in a snug centred position. I can't remember exactly but I'm pretty sure I also glued the surrounds to the woofer first then the outer. It was quite a satisfying project I have to say, have fun
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