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  1. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=766396471
  2. One of mine has a cracked rubber surround, ironically, the same one that lost the tweeter dome. The other one is still ok so I suspect it was sun damage that caused the problems. These speakers have always seemed light in the bottom end - even when brand new. They are probably just flat and everything else is bass hyped.
  3. I like the 8 mono blocks and old Telefunken reel to reel. Very arty system indeed
  4. I got this off a fellow Enzer in the hope of an easy fix, but I suspect something deep in it's bowels. The fault condition goes away when unplugging one board, but I can't be rsd pulling it to bits to see if it's something obvious. I need the space so if anyone has the inclination or want's a 3 beam projector project, or giant fish tank or puppet theatre box etc etc come and get it! http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=416467842
  5. too_tall;148258 wrote: Its a very sad but true fact, most live sound engineers are terrible. They get the totally wrong system into the venue ( what should have only a pair of very high quality single 15" + horn speakers has a quartet of twin 15" + horn with dual 18" subs under them, etc ). They like it too loud for the human ear to handle, not only from a hearing damage perspective but also the ability for the ear to hear the music correctly. They often are 1/2 deaf themselves from years of abuse. I have heard PA's which, when correctly operated, do not detract from a performance. However, I am sad to say, its been a very, very rare find. Harsh comment. I know a lot of professional live sound engineers, most of whom are very good at their jobs. There are a lot of so called "engineers" that don't know the first thing about it and give the rest of us a bad name. As for your comments about the wrong system, the majority of the time we are left with whatever system is either installed in a venue (ie some cheap under-budget piece of turd) or whatever the client has gone with (ie some cheap under-budget piece of turd). It's not the sound engineer's fault that when it comes to a lot of "event coordinators" their budget split is something like 99% for alcohol, and 1% for everything else including stage, sound and lighting. I do agree that it's usually too loud though. PA systems go a lot louder and cleaner these days with massive amounts of power available, but engineers still seem to just run the system to it's limit. I'll be the guy next to the sound desk wearing earmuffs and pointing at the red lights.... I remember mixing goldenhorse at the leigh sawmill a couple of years back, and some people pulled up next to my van before the show. I heard one guy say "oh, don't forget your earplugs" to which I said "you won't need those mate, I'm mixing". He found me after the show and said "hey, you were right, I didn't need them, and it sounded great!" This was helped a great deal by having a band that understands that the quieter they are on stage, they better they will sound out front. Too many times I have mixed shows and ended up with only the kick drum and vocals in the pa because everything else is too loud off stage. At that point, the engineer is no longer mixing the show, he is waiting to go home. And who gets blamed for the bad mix? The sound guy. Other comments we often hear/get blamed for: I'm sitting 100m away and I can't hear it A: MOVE CLOSER I'm sitting behind the speakers and it sounds bad A: HOW DOES IT SOUND HERE? WELL, MAYBE YOU SHOULD SIT IN FRONT OF THE SPEAKERS? Can you turn down the guitar? A: IT'S ALREADY TURNED OFF Can you turn down the bass? A: IT'S ALREADY TURNED OFF Can you make it sound a bit more xxxx: WHERE DO YOU WORK? CAN I COME TO YOUR WORKPLACE AND STAND BEHIND YOU TELLING YOU HOW TO DO YOUR JOB? WOULD YOU LIKE THAT? I can't hear the vocals A: GO AND TELL THE SINGER TO SING INTO THE MIC How do you know what all these knobs do? A: BUY ME A BEER AND I'LL SHOW YOU
  6. Hi forum. Having a sale this weekend and obviously not a lot of stuff to interest you guys, but we do have some of the Shure SRH headphones. I have sold these to members before so thought I'd post here for your info. $350 + shipping for the top of the range 840's (RRP $429). Must be ordered and paid for by the end of November While I'm at it, I also have a couple of the older style iPort docking stations for $150, as well as some 152m drums of 16AWG 4 core speaker + cat5E cable for $199. (These are not only for the weekend, they are clearance items). Thanks for your time. Reply or PM me with questions/orders Cheers Brendon
  7. Yeah, I didn't think my post was critical. Don't get me wrong, this system sounds ok. It can't be considered criticism to post an actual measurement of a piece of electronics ;o)
  8. Yep, sure thing. The graph shows the full audio spectrum from 20Hz - 20kHz. The first curve (on the left) is the output from the low section of the crossover. The 2nd curve (right) from the hi output. You can see the crossover point is at 140Hz (where the 2 curves cross over). Now, if you considered a processor that did absolutely nothing, all you would see is a dead flat line. What this indicates is that there is a lot of equalization going on at the top of the frequency spectrum, similar to if you had your treble control turned way beyond it's maximum (the graph indicates this as a massive upward slope in the higher frequencies) If you take the flat bit of the curve (showing at -12dB) and compare to the top end (+6dB) this comes to 18dB of boost. This amount of processing is only ever needed to compensate for a deficiency in speaker design (which ideally should be flat without any need for processing). Hope that helps
  9. Top quality Liberty male S-Video connectors Bulk lot of 64 connectors. Would suit a cable manufacturer. Any interested parties, please make me an offer I also have 3 x S-Video to 2 BNC adapters 1.8m each which I am selling for $10 each
  10. So I have read all the Bose stuff out there about how it's amazing, and how it's crap, and I would go with the camp that says physical impossible to get quality sound out of this design. I have heard a few systems, and always thought they sound ok. Not complete shite, and certainly not worth the asking price, but ok. I currently have a Bose system I am working on for a customer, and it looks to be ok build quality. The 10" sub has a huge voice coil and magnets, the 5" drivers likewise have big magnets and don't look like rubbish. So I did some measuring. We all know it's the controller that is doing whatever to make it sound halfway decent, so here is a trace of what the Bose 502C controller is doing to the signal before passing to the amps. Verdict: Would I buy one? Nope. Imagine what a high frequency device would sound like with a 18dB boost. ZiiiiIIINNNG- OUCH! I was going to measure the speaker outputs with and without the controller, but lost interest... Attached files
  11. They seem like very well put together turntables, but I can't find any info on them. They are belt driven, have a pretty decent looking tone arm, pitch control and quick change headshell doo-hicky etc much like a Technics SL1200. They are housed in a roadcase with a built in mixer. TT's are Darling Model 300. Anyone know anything about these? (Actually, I just had to put a pic on here for you guys because this may be even cooler than a Shure Vocalmaster PA) Attached files
  12. Yes, the problem with that is the forum would get clogged with irrelevant auction listings. I list quite a bit of stuff, most of it would be of no interest to members, but some of it might be. I can't tell which, so if you see any auctions by Goblin you know who to PM! What I don't get is why people haven't started moving over to sella.co.nz it's free to buy and sell!
  13. So the Mrs. finally bought scrabble, and since you can't scrabble and watch TV I thought what a great chance to hook up the old TT. So I dragged it out, and my old Marantz EC500, then discovered the Marantz had no Phono i/p, then got and old Technics intergrated with a phono stage and hey presto! (Well, it was slightly more complicated than that....) The main issue I am having is that the HF is distorted, and seems more so the further on the record it gets. I know sweet FA about TT's, so can someone give me some hints as to what may be the problem and where/wot/how the little ball and string adjustery thing is. Ironically, the 1st scrabble night I ended up with the letters A STYLII so yeah...synergy... Thanks to Arikip and the Audioenz forum for pushing me down this slippery slope....hehehe Attached files
  14. Maybe a bit OT, but my Mrs. doesn't find this funny.....:confused: Attached files
  15. Ernie;129727 wrote: Someone obviously entered the Bermuda Triangle. Got a better chance of spotting the Marie Celeste now. Oops, I see what you mean now! "Thpank him again thentuwian, and wougly!" "...and throw him to the floor sir...?" "Yeth Yeth, thwow him to the floow!" Cheers Brendon
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