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  1. I have a Luckit WaveIO in my Audionote Dac. Great piece of kit. I no longer have a CD player. This converter easily beat the Cambridge Audio 840c when fed usb from my Mac mini.
  2. Silver Plinius 8200P in excellent condition. I am only selling this beautiful 175 watt rms power amp because I have upgraded to a SB300. Looking for $1100. Come and have a listen if you are the Tauranga area. Comes with original packaging.
  3. A great power amp. Only selling because its place has been taken by its big brother the SB300. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=667943013
  4. Thanks for all the comments and other interesting discussions. I am now the proud and very happy owner of a SB300. Itch well and truly scratched. Silver 8200 p now looking for a new home.
  5. Many thanks to those of you who have already taken the time to post their thoughts. What a wonderful resource this site is, within 24 hours I have been able to tap into a wealth of expert knowledge and experience. I had not considered the SB300 thinking that Class A was the holy grail. The reviews seem to indicate that the SB300 is a real gem. Thanks for the heads up Michael. Both the SA102 and SB300 have massive power supplies. Since upgrading the power supplies in my Audionote Dac I have become convinced of the importance of power supplies. I think that either of these Plinius amps would scratch my upgrade itch and maintain the overall sound signature that I currently enjoy with my system. I guess finding one for sale is not going to be easy as they don't come on the market often. Regards Carl
  6. A Plinius SA102 has just sold for $3700 on trademe. This has got me thinking about upgrading my 8200p to a SA102. Has anybody got any thoughts about this potential upgrade? I am very happy with the 8200p but have been bitten by the dreaded upgrade bug.
  7. Thanks beeman. My Dac has lower gain than my Cd player and may not like a passive pre. Sounds like the M16 is a big improvement over my M7.( I will look out for an M16. Preferably Silver) The Rowland may be hard to find and cost more than I want to spend but will keep it in mind.
  8. My Audionote Dac has an inbuilt Hagtech USB SPDiF converter. Using my imac as a source sounds very good but lacks the musicality of the optical input from my Cd player. Anybody have any opinions? Is there a better USB converter that I could replace the Hagtech with?
  9. Since upgrading my Plinius 3100B to an 8200p I cant help but think that the M7 is probably not capable of doing justice to the rest of my system. Are there any members who have any experience of the M16 vs the M7 who would be willing to share their thoughts. Any other suggestions of a suitable preamp would be appreciated. I have an Audionote dac which has tubes in the power supply and output stage, would a tubed pre lead to a "too tubey sound"?
  10. Thanks everybody. I have been lucky enough to get an 8200p. Stunning.
  11. Thanks Luckiestmanalive you have allayed my fears that the 8200p would sound significantly different ( I love the sound of the 3100). You were magnanimous in your deference to MW's advice. Thanks MW. I will be looking out for one. One sold on trade-me a couple of months ago for $1100. Unfortunately I was in Australia at the time and missed out on bidding.
  12. I am looking to replace my Plinius 3100 with a 8200p if i can find one at a reasonable price. Has anybody got any thoughts about any differences/ similarities that I should hear. I am happy with the sound of the 3100 but it is 25 years old and a bit of extra horsepower cant be a bad thing.
  13. I use a program called remote buddy and a wi remote to control my imac, which is in a different room than stereo. The imac connects to an audio note dac with usb input, and my Tv, so I can see what is happening on the imac.
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