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  1. Thanks Coleus! I'll see if I can get in touch with Rob. Cheers.
  2. Hi Owen, Both actually, just made out of MDF, gaps here and there, glue sticking out, and a pretty bad looking paint scheme. Would you be able to guess a ballpark figure how much it would cost (depending on materials)? Thank you!
  3. Hi all, I'm looking to get my current speakers remade, I don't know who built the ones I own now since I bought them of Trademe, but they're not the finest build although they sound amazing to my ears. Does anybody have any contacts of people or craftsmen that can build speakers? Professionals or people that do it as a hobby but know what they're doing? I have the plans for them, but I just attached a picture of them for now. Any help is much appreciated! Cheers, Tias.
  4. One from the homeland for me. Not sure how well known it is in NZ. Milow covering 50cent; funny and sweet.
  5. Nice work Graham! Happy to hear you got it working.
  6. I'm having a bit of the same issue with my JLTiMk2, it sounds really good in the mids and highs, and the bass is a little tighter, bet when I play something, let's call it dubstep, that deep low grumble is gone now, which my old Marantz did very well. I miss it, but I like the way it plays other music so much better than the Marantz, that I'm not going to change for a good while. Is there a way to use two amps with one pair of full range speakers without having to switch speaker cables??
  7. WOW.... I can only dream of a set-up like that. Congratulations! Enjoy them as much as you can.
  8. Looks like it should be in a chem lab spinning some test tubes around instead of records. How to make analogue look digital. But it probably sounds pretty damn good.
  9. Ah, that is good news. I will PM you when I have my turntable. Thanks heaps Graham!
  10. Nice work Graham! I'll be keen for one as well to start with a nice clean 'slate', when my Project ever arrives. edit: oh wait, I just got it, this is just for Denon's.... my bad, rookie mistake
  11. I agree Luis, very nice line-up. The Killing (american version) Season 2 has been very nice as well actually, season 1 was a major let down compared to the original, Joel Kinnaman is amazing though. And an honourable mention has to go to Strike Back Season 1 and season 1 only. And Luther, maybe a little guilty pleasure but some great dark stuff in both. In my opinion of course.
  12. Can't wait! I really hope they've come up with a good way to finish it, but I'm guessing it will be an open ending. Best show of all time imo, I might have to re-watch Twin Peaks to be sure though.
  13. Not sure if this has been posted yet or not, if so, my apologies. Then again some kiwi brilliance can be posted twice http://www.analogplanet.com/content/analog-instruments-limiteds-siggwan-12-tonearm-new-zealand
  14. In my opinion and I'm no expert, I would look for a good decent second hand amp. There are some real good Marantz, Sony, Pioneer ones out there for cheap. Then spend more on the sub and speakers. If you are looking for HT with 2 channels you will need a good sub in my opinion.
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