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  1. Since it's nz made, and they offer brilliant service, I'd be ok with older model if I needed the grunt. If not I'd go new.
  2. i have same image 414.2 and needed them protected from people so bought big slabs of marble and have them on those, though I then use rubber speaker feet (iSo somethings) as buffer. The slabs keep speakers safe, people soon learnt not to walk to close as the toes stubbing is nasty. They do like space behind. i have also gone to seperate DAC and yes it made a big difference. Computer sound card is simply not meant to produce quality output. First was a mid priced $500 Chinese one which was great improvement though have now gone higher again and yes difference is palpable. optical output makes a high brightness and is unpleasant for me. I'm using it right now but only for Spotify from computer and it's good enough. But I did have a decent streamer system and it sounded much better. If you have CD player there is the sound better from that? Little steps.
  3. Spotify premium, lots. Mostly for my son who is into alternative rock and drums, so it's fantastic he can explore and learn. i use it for lighter background stuff, but even with premium it's not good enough to seriously listen. Superb value for us though.
  4. Wow, does one get a Spandau ballet cassette?
  5. An unknown (to me) member of this community saw my call for a temp amp to give me music while my valves are in hospital, and has lent me an amp to use. Isn't that good for the humankind? Thanks Luis
  6. Yep, in same place with everything ripped on to drive, playing in to Simple Audio streamer then dedicated Dac. But then bought used Myriad CD player! Sometimes I just want to chuck in a CD and sometimes I THINK it sounds better - but unsure if I could pass a blind test! Tried to do without but couldn't.
  7. So how did you go? Did you try the Cambridge audio 6? I heard it briefly and found it good but still thought I would want my own dac, but I was upgrading dac at same time so was being very fussy. did you try it, buy it? Im finding now now I can get spotify in to a better dac I am using it more and more!
  8. Hello Mr Fish, this is a world full of choices you're entering and one I was in just a few months back. it drove me mad. As a streamer with its own Dac, and nice software, look at the simple audio roomplayer but make sure you have latest software on your main computer as the app would not run until I had latest and if I'd have had an older Mac I would not have been able to upgrade: http://www.thehifistore.co.nz/products/network-music-players/simple-audio-room-player-2 Its own Dac might be enough depending on rest of your system. I found it wasn't and ended up with separate Dac so the roomplayer is somewhat wasted and I could equally use the simpler cheaper sotm sms 100 ($600 I think on TM but dont see it now). I store music on a simple WD My Cloud 3tb connected in to a wired network. I ran good network wires from the WD to Mac, and another from WD To Streamer so I had no wireless drop out. This is working nicely and reliably though took a while to sort out the Simple. As said it does depend on rest of gear and quality you want. I almost sold the Simple again to get the simpler SOTM when I realised I would not use the Simple's own Dac. Is this set up better than a Vortex box? No idea! So much contrary advice! I made up my mind simply because I had no space where my HiFi gear is for the Vortex box and the WD MyCloud can be hidden away elsewhere, plus I get to use it to store a back up of my Mac. I also have access to my music and stuff on teh WD form anywhere with internet access and since I travel lots that great. Needs real good broadband but I can listen to my own music anywhere on my ipad. Can watch video, see files etc. Spotify. If you like Spotify take into consideration you will want a way to play it through your HiFi. I love Spotify and listen lots so needed separate Dac that could take signal from my Mac running Spotify. if you like discovering new and different stuff Spotify is fantastic on premium service (no ads and better quality). Some stuff I looked at used Pandora only and that has no where near the range of music. Some streamers had no way fo feeding a digital input in so as to access the dac and play Spotify from my Mac. If I am paying decent money for a Dac I want to use it for anything I want!
  9. Planned Obsolescence, hard drive in 5 yr old iMac went west and was told it was too expensive to fix as they were not meant to be, so best throw it away. found instructions on line and changed hard drive myself, $130 part for 2tb seagate and afew hours fiddling with tiny wires and plugs. At least it did seem solidly made and plugs all held together. Wouldnt go non apple though.
  10. Seller should have been honest though, unsuspecting might think it was made green. Suggest they sold monster cable and are using same listing.
  11. Someone tell him to at least sale his mums bloody furniture. Very sad.
  12. Got to credit them for consistent design, but a platter speed meter is just a silly excuse for the meter isn't it! For that sorta cash I'd expect the thing to go the right speed. Be better with a taste- o-meter that measures the coolness of what's playing.,
  13. Any bagpipe connoisseur will see he is not actually playing, the screams are because they're looking up his kilt.
  14. Confused... Original question is asking for preamp only, though then the benchmark gets chucked in so do you need dac too? I didn't like the preamp output of my benchmark at all but that might be my system Of tube monos.
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