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  1. Afternoon off... so Last :The Asteroids Galaxy Tour: Fruit on silver Current: Fun: Some nights, silver disc Next: Lorde: Pure Heroine: Vinyl....
  2. And guess who was your friendly paint chemist that set the paint spec??? Quest was customer of mine when I was a Lab rat at Dulux, and later as a Tech Chem ( Lab rat given more cheese and a car....) taught them everything they knew at the time .. and I even worked for Quest in the early 90's until I sought the big time in Jaffaland...hence involved with the sample prep for the HSV's , Tickford etc. Fond memories of the place, and still keep in touch with the owner..
  3. LOL, 1994 eh.... the HSV body kits were made in good old Palmy North at that time.... down the Kelvin Grove end of Tremaine ave!.. I prepped up all the pre production samples for Holden and HSV ... skirt kits and that massive rear spoiler.....
  4. Yeah, mine is a very early VE SV6, a few interesting differences over the late o6 onwards cars... XJS's are remarkably quiet, though I am aiming to do something about it.... the exhaust is one of the last things to be worked out.. but the Jag is quite shrill and raspy, unlike a Ferrari. Agree a good straight 6 has a nice note.... eg the squealey 3000, or any skyline with a decent exhaust!
  5. Nothing shabby about your GTI Michael.... and yes, the GTI's are a nicely balanced package.. no experience of the DSG tranny, but I understand it is 'quicker' than a manual... and <span style="line-height: 1.5em;">will eat my 'S' easily across all areas with the exception of the poseur factor maybe... the XJS</span><span style="line-height: 1.5em;"> is a big heavy old girl.. especially when towing a fuel tanker as the on board 90 litres can get consumed quickly.</span>
  6. Bikes haven't been a major part of my life... have this annoying tendency to fall off.. so stick to 4 wheels now! Though still appreciate them and painted plenty of tanks, frames, and fairings for friends who could stay upright! From reading other forums in the past, a car and audio fetish do seem to go hand in hand...and the range of cars owned was really quite fascinating! I don't have an understanding boss unfortunately... and it is about now that ducks bottoms and 50 fathoms comes into the equation... so make do with my 06 VE Commodore SV6 as a daily driver.. goes well enough, has three pedals, and is economical. Toys have always been Mini Coopers or Jags, and the current and now only one is a '79 Jag XJS v12 , also a genuine factory three pedaller.. possibly one of the last three ever built and currently completing resto and should be terrorising Auckland traffic ( or myself) in about 6 months ... seeing as a Porsche 917 is too much pocket money..
  7. Daddy Dom;191898 wrote: Well I'm thrilled it supposedly "went away". When vinyl hid behind the bushes it enabled me to grab an excellent cheap t/t and the best bits of record collections formerly belonging to the digitally-enamoured. Oh, to relive those golden smash-and-grab opportunities of the mid-'90s! DD Couldn't have said it better myself DD ....
  8. Well, wasn't it hand hewn to order by Chiquitano monks whilst reciting a Maharishi Mahesh Mantra?
  9. Dacron, Tetron, BAF wadding, Polyester wadding etc are all various trade names for the wadding typically found in mainstream speakers, and typically used in the furnishing industry..for upholstery and bedding. Comes in various thickness and densities... Spotlight is definitely one place you would find upholstery grades. If you want to use Polyester and have a fairly local hardware store.. get a bale of "greenstuff" acoustic and thermal insulation (non itchy alternative to batts) .. it is the same animal, and again select your grade.(and unfortunately you would need to buy the whole bale.. enough for quite a few builds!!) If you wanted to try the wool route or at least a half way house, Spotlight used to sell a Wool/Polyester wadding blend, which was potentially interesting. I've used "Greenstuff" R2.2 myself for a speaker refurb... with good results. (left over from a bit of home reno). From memory R1.8 is probably closest density to the material in a good speaker..
  10. Michael Wong;190745 wrote: And have you got a big stash of new blank cassettes ? Enough to last me until I go deaf or dead, which ever comes first Michael Wong;190745 wrote: Hours of fun watching an RX202/505 do it's auto-reverse dance. .. and a good set of fast acting wide range meters still has that moth like attraction
  11. Well, you knew that topic would get me to crawl out from under my stone!! Cassettes are still very much alive and well in this household, and still do a lot of recording too, mainly on Nakamichi's, or Aiwa's , off both CD and Vinyl.. why??.. because I can I still enjoy cassettes as a medium for that usually not quite so serious listen ( 'that' is the domain of Vinyl ).. when I have one eye on what I'm doing, and one ear on what I'm listening to.. a bit like when I am listening to CD. My Nak RX202's and 505 are still great party pieces and can still surprise many people.. yes, that IS a cassette playing! On the topic of live analogue recording... still have a Nakamichi 350 .. though I would need get it going and buy some decent Mic's.
  12. RobTr;190477 wrote: Hey thanks for your comments interest etc. The room is approx 4.0m square 10ft stud polished wooden floor no curtains or carpets and just a sideboard and sofa. Speakers are on spikes and approx 1.8m apart ( with tt and amp between on sideboard) about 3.6m away from sofa. It's warmth that's missing - so listening become a little taxing rather than the enveloping warm experience of the valve set up I spoke of. The cartridge is newish so maybe it will improve with a few more hours ?? Rob, You are sitting in the middle of a Peking Man song .. sounds a very 'live environment'...and the room shape is what it is! As an experiment, beg, borrow or steal a couple of large rugs for the floor between the sofa and sideboard, something with a bit of pile. Grab a dining room chair and site it 2-2.5m from the speakers, toe the speakers in to converge on the chair, and have a listen at low-moderate volume... see what you think. Have a listen from various positions in the room too..and note down what you hear. Sounds like an older house... gib or panel walls?.. and what WAF factor do you have to accommodate? If you can get hold of a copy of "get better sound" by Jim Smith to read, it will help immensely too.
  13. I'm with Owen, need some idea of 1) what you are comparing your system against, and 2) what is your definition of 'nasty'?? You don't have any components that scream 'howler'..... just a cart/amp/speaker chain that is consecutively laid back in sound, so additively may lack a little life at the top, and a bit loose at the bottom? hence the need to know what you define as nasty then we can consider room effects etc too, but unless your room is particularly live (polished floors, no carpet etc) or dead..( heavily furnished, lots of carpet and curtains0, it will influence but not overide the basic sound of a system, same with speaker placement....so again, what is nasty?
  14. Fairing compound used to be good for a 10 - 12mm film build IIRC, so provided your depth is less than 10mm, I would think you should be well OK. There is nothing to that effect on the Nuplex TDS unfortunately, but if I can dredge my old Ciba Araldite tech folder out of the d'archives at home, I will confirm. You could also cover the joins by bonding in some 2-3 ply as a packer and so reduce the depth for filling , but that is then another material to accommodative in terms of thermal expansion. I'm not sure what gets used these days, but when I used to deal with Canterbury Stone and various concrete boys, epoxies were always the flavour of the month for any 'stone' or concrete substrate bonding. You could also look at a structural urethane, but might this allow too much interlayer movement or creep with temp changes and spoil the edge finish over time.
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