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  1. Owen, getting an error when going the the inbox, will try later. Email address I can get you on?
  2. Marley is on the island label. released as a limited edition, number 8791 of 10,000. released in 1982. comes with a book. Stones, Decca label, German pressing, 1980, bunch of B&W photos. Simon
  3. 2 boxed sets for sale, Bob Marley 9 LP boxed set and The Rolling Stones Story 12 LP boxed set. Both are in very good condition Unsure of prices Simon
  4. Yeah, not a big fan of them. But I have one cardboard CD which has a plastic sleeve, just like a small version of the LP ones. But cannot seem to find any..... Attached files
  5. Free downloads of this NZ band. Csught them at the square in Palmy North, great live. http://turkby.co.nz/albums/
  6. From 1981, Fampton Coliseum. $US9.00 for FLAC..... sound great so far. http://www.stonesarchivestore.com/Dept.aspx?cp=53655_54918&src=NEWS116376
  7. Sound quality is good, picture quality don't know I don't have a BluRay player
  8. Also have downloaded The Brussels Affair from the Rolling Stones Archive. Another great concert. Some great guitar work from Mick Talyor.
  9. Picked up Rolling Stones Live in Texas '78, CD with Blu-ray. Great concert, stones at their best playing rock and roll with no frills.
  10. Still using mine to this day, had them for over 25 plus years.
  11. Picked up a great album by Dwight Yoakam, Dwightyoakamacoustic.Net. He has re-record 25 of his songs all, as the title of CD says acoustically. Great album if your are a Dwight fan.
  12. Lightning in a bottle, Saturday July 2nd. Think it has been on before, great stuff. Paul McCartney and Wings: Band on the Run doco.
  13. Early warning to set up your recorders; 28th June (Tuesday) Prime channel @ 21.40 Prime Rocks: The Stones in Exile. In case you don't have the DVD which I do not.
  14. Newbie;152271 wrote: I've been looking for a good music cataloguing app for Android, with bar code scanner input. The best I have tried so far is "Music Free" which is very basic, has ability to import bar code results (totally useless for most of my vinyl, as it was purchased prior to the barcode era!). Can anyone recommend a good Android app, with scanner input? Don't know about androis app but Catraxx does have a scanner input. http://www.fnprg.com/catraxx/
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