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  1. ?You would have sold those donkeys ages ago for more than your reserve IF YOU HAD KEPT THE FLIPPING BOXES.... I know its a pain keeping the boxes, my garage is full of them, but it certainly makes the sale easier if you ever need to move them on. Good luck with your auction this time round.
  2. Hi Guys, Anyone out there got a spare one of these knocking about ? Any help appreciated. Please txt me on 021 547 4716 as I am having all sorts of troubles with this sirte at present
  3. ..and Dire Straits Money for Nothing is Heavy Metal????
  4. Hi folks, Heres a shameless plug for my Magneplanar MG1.6qr speakers which are up on TM. Special pricing available to forum members on request. http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=821268206
  5. . Bruce was always a real Gentleman even though we sometimes didn't agree, particularly regarding the LP12....First ran into him at the record room if memory serves ?
  6. Hi mr Rotel, Just wondering if you have actually tried a valve pre with your Plinius as IME they don't go well together at all ?q
  7. Thanks Micheal, Showing my age again there am I ?
  8. Hi All, I just use the mono switch on my amp and that seems to work fine ?
  9. Hey Harley, Probably not what you are wanting to hear but I recently had a turntable epiphany at chez Heathen comparing a technics DD to a suspended belt drive Sony he is rebuilding. Playing a Nina Simone LP it was absolutely night and day. The Sony was simply more spacious and airy sounding, it was a real revelation to me how much better it sounded.. The funny thing is I have both a Michell Gyrodec and a Kenwood KD600 and had thought them both much of a muchness. (admittedly I don't spend very much time critically comparing things here at home unless there is a new component somewhere, generally just preferring to enjoy the music), but since visiting Heathen I really sat and compared the 2. Suffice to say that the Kenwood is now on service in a second system. To paraphrase the old CD adage: Direct drives sound great until you listen to a suspended belt drive. As always YMMV but might be well worthwhile at least investigating Suspended Belt drives before getting too carried away on your DD... Unfortunately sourcing a Suspended belt drive deck here in Nelson is likely to be neither cheap nor easy, but you are welcome to pop along for a listen and compare to mine... Cheers
  10. I have one in Nelson that I have no use for anymore. Note it's a Beacon one and quite large and very heavy, No idea how many Watts you could run off it. Will have a look at the tag if you are interested...
  11. Yes, That I was I who cleaned out all the new vinyl as I was first in the door with arms flailing. Actually wasn't as much there as I seem to remember from last time I was in there, although Greg was selling stuff at Grant Smithies vinyl fair the previous weekend so perhaps the good stuff went then. Rumours are that there is more to the Everyman story than meets the eye, Greg and Cheryl are now in Melbourne apparently... I'd be very surprised if a second hand vinyl shop doesn't pop up somewhere in the next 6 months or so... Grant smithies is looking to run his vinyl fair at the yurt every 3 months or so. The last one was an absolute cracker, lots of good quality second hand vinyl from knowledgeable and friendly sellers, and a fine atmosphere and vibe...
  12. I remember seeing an article on a guy I think it was down south in Central Oago doing one off vinyl pressings ? That was a few years ago though. From memory he was operating out of a small garden shed ?
  13. ....and gone to a chap from New Plymouth. A member here ?
  14. Difficult to see where he's going with that lot... Wouldn't have thought the Halcro's a particularly good match for the JBL's, don't know how they would match with the TAD's but I'd suggest incisive ? In which case is he keeping the Halcro's and looking for a smoother set of speakers (in which case why buy the JBL's ?) or is he moving to Valves ( In which case why sell the JBL"s) ??? Just pondering as I do....
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