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  1. Purchased as part of a job lot recently on eBay ex-US, all duplicates in my current collection, NZ$12 each (but see below) plus postage (using re-cycled packaging at no cost) or personal pick-up from Takapuna, North Shore:


    1. 8th Harmonic Breakdown 80004: El'Zabar/Bang/Bluiett Tri-Factor - "If You Believe..." (2002 Digipak, disc VG++ - some marks but plays perfectly, jacket NM, rare)

    2. Delmark DE-533: El'Zabar/Billy Bang - "Spirits Entering" (2001, HPBC, disc VG++ - some marks but plays perfectly)

    3. Delmark DG-541: El'Zabar Trio w/David Murray & Fred Hopkins - "Love Outside Of Dreams" (2002, HPBC, disc has swirls but plays perfectly)

    4. Delmark DE-572: El'Zabar Ritual Trio feat. Billy Bang - "Big M A Tribute To Malachi Favors" (2006, HPBC, disc NM & plays perfectly)

    5. Delmark DE-477: El'Zabar Ritual Trio w/ Billy Bang - "Big Cliff" (1995, disc VG++ - some marks but plays perfectly)

    6. Delmark DE-566: El'Zabar Ritual Trio w/ Billy Bang - "Live At The River East Art Center" (2005, disc NM & plays perfectly)

    7. Chameleon 61494-2: Ethnic Heritage Ensemble - "Dance With The Ancestors" (1993, disc VG++ - some marks but plays perfectly)

    8. Digital Media 830072302579 (Bar Code) - Ritual Trio (Lester Bowie/Malachi Favors/El'Zabar) - "Magg Zelma" (2008, appears to be a reissue of Sound Aspects CD "The Ritual", disc NM & plays perfectly)


    All US pressings except (possibly) 8 - which may even be a CDR, it's hard to tell.


    HPBC = Hole punch through bar code.


    All of these are obviously 'used', but equally obviously have been cared for.


    10% discount (exc.postage) if you purchase 5 or more.


    Your money back (exc.postage) if not satisfied for any reason (inc. no reason)


    Never heard of Mr. El'Zabar? Veteran AACM percussionist who was voted Chicagoan Of The Year a few years back.


    Gimme $$ (payment by direct credit please)



    are you there?


    Yup, consider my left forelimb duly elevated. Will be hosting the bFM Jazz Show on Sunday (as Def Jim) - send me a text in the studio! (or phone 309 3879)


    Been a fan since the mid-70's & around 70% of my LP/CD collection is jazz. Not so much into the Big Band/Trad era however, much more ardent about the 60s/70s/80s & beyond (ie right now). I reserve a special predilection for guitarists eg Marc Ribot, Marc Ducret, Sonny Sharrock, David Gilmore (not the Pink Floyd dude), Joe Morris, Jef Lee Johnson etc.etc. My latest fave rave is the new Rudresh Mahanthappa CD 'Gamak' feat. David Fiuczynski on the frets - listen on Sunday for a first sample.


    I could prattle on indefinitely but am too time-poor.


    Jazz is where it's at - 'nuff said.


  3. A few of my personal favourites, inevitably jazz-biased:


    Downtown Music Gallery

    New York-based, with the most comprehensive catalogue imaginable especially of new/avant/free/uncategorizable - you can sign up to receive a weekly newsletter regarding new releases and regular 2/h CD lists, deals etc.


    Klompfoot (AKA Cadence Jazz)

    Located in upstate NY, almost as comprehensive as DMG



    Distribution house with lots of cool labels on their roster (some tiny, some larger), regular 'on-sale labels' offers etc.


    Dusty Groove

    Jazz, blues, soul, you name it... Characterised by their relentlessly upbeat potted "reviews" full of exclamation marks!!!!


    Cheap Thrills

    Montreal-based, I have ordered from them though not recently


    Forced Exposure

    Good for specific labels (eg Tzadik) - again I've not ordered from them for some time


    Enough already


  4. Like many I was an avid fan of Barney & Co back in the 80s but thought that from Republic onwards they gradually became a sad parody of themselves - and at this point I haven't heard any new stuff from them for years.


    But I've never seen them live and if they'll be playing even passable versions of some of the old classics....


    ie decisions, decisions.


    Thoughts, people?




    Brian Ono;156961 wrote:
    It may mean that David Murray (87) may be bordering on obsessive:D


    Guilty as charged I should think. In my book Murray was Boss Tenor throughout the 80's and 90's and then some, with a suitably 'prodigious' output. Seems to have run out of steam a bit recently however, and gotten involved with projects somewhat tangential to jazz, some of which I'm not that enamoured of. Suffice it to say I don't acquire his stuff at anything like the rate I once did. Just means other obsessions have taken his place of course. ;)

  6. Having just come through a big push to finish the data entry required for my collection to be complete in CATraxx (it's taken months all told) I now have everything at my fingertips (well, on a stick anyway) so am well-placed for this exercise. I've taken the liberty of generating 2 lists, one for jazz and another for everything else. Number of items in brackets in each case, box-sets count for 1, CD/LP duplicates (etc.) count 1 each, title quoted is just a personal favourite.


    The Jazz List


    Art Ensemble of Chicago (58) - People In Sorrow

    Anthony Braxton (60) - Willisau (Quartet) 1991

    John Coltrane (62) - Live At Birdland

    Miles Davis (92) - In A Silent Way

    Kahil El'Zabar (21) - We Is >> Live At The Bop Shop

    Bill Frisell (22) - East / West

    Dennis Gonzalez (20) - Songs Of Early Autumn

    Charlie Haden (22) - In Angel City

    Vijay Iyer (3) - Blood Sutra

    Ronald Shannon Jackson (23) - What Spirit Say

    Roland Kirk (9) - Rip, Rig & Panic

    Steve Lacy (57) - The Way

    David Murray (87) - Murray's Steps

    James Newton (13) - Portraits

    Oregon (13) - Winter Light / Greg Osby (13) - Banned In New York

    William Parker (25) - O'neal's Porch

    Quest (6) - Natural Selection

    Sonny Rollins (13) - The Bridge

    John Scofield (26) - Grace Under Pressure

    Cecil Taylor (52) - Conquistador!

    James Blood Ulmer (31) - Odyssey

    Ken Vandermark (15) - Alchemia

    David S. Ware (19) - Live In The World


    Yosuke Yamashita (4) - Kurdish Dance

    John Zorn (47) - At The Mountains Of Madness


    Everything else


    Allman Bros. (6) - Eat A Peach / Amazing Rhythm Aces (6) - Stacked Deck / Natasha Atlas (6) - Diaspora

    Tim Buckley (13) - Happy Sad

    Ry Cooder (19) - Into The Purple Valley

    Dylan (13) - Blood On The Tracks

    Eurythmics (10) - Be Yourself Tonight

    Flying Burrito Bros. (6) - The Gilded Palace Of Sin

    Grateful Dead (30) - American Beauty

    Hot Tuna (9) - Burgers

    Isley Bros. (2) - This Old Heart Of Mine

    Jef Lee Johnson (12) - Thisness

    Jorma Kaukonen (7) - Quah / Salif Keita (7) - Soro

    Little Feat (22) - Dixie Chicken

    Van Morrison (29) - Astral Weeks

    New Order (14) - Technique

    Old & In The Way (4) - s/t / Beth Orton (4) - Trailer Park

    Graham Parker (11) - The Mona Lisa's Sister

    Quicksilver Messenger Service (5) - s/t

    Leon Redbone (11) - Champagne Charlie / Lou Reed (11) - New York

    Steely Dan (17) - The Royal Scam

    Talking Heads (16) - Little Creatures

    U2 (11) - The Joshua Tree

    Velvet Underground (9) - Live 1969 Vol.1

    Waterboys (7) - s/t / Jah Wobble (7) - Rising Above Bedlam


    Youngbloods (9) - Ride The Wind

    Frank Zappa (13) - Over-Nite Sensation


    What it all means I can't really say.


    Zolar Czakl;156952 wrote:
    Did you manage to get a copy of this before it sold out? –


    Nope - didn't hear about it in time - probably wouldn't have bothered anyway. Anybody who's prepared to be truly completist about the Dead needs scads of discretionary $$ and weeks of each year with nothing better to do than listen to them. I fail miserably to qualify on both counts - not to say I wouldn't be there if I could however.

  8. I guess I just thank oblivion that I'm in no way, shape or form a Floyd fan, don't own any, never intend to and have never knowingly sat down and listened to "DSOTM" as I believe it's termed. On the other hand I do have a weakness for Grateful Dead so my parallel universe is subject to the same strictures really.


    Man that Winter Ale is delicious.

  9. I just spotted some web notices for this (dating back as far as July) and immediately got all gleed-up. :)


    My favourite of his thus far is Civilians, which is consistently brilliant IMHO and also happens to feature my favourite-of-all JH track Parker's Mood - just one of the most exquisite songs I've ever heard. The last one - Blood From Stars - is also excellent.


    Yummy - can't wait!



    coleus;155042 wrote:
    they are records , "vinyls" is the most annoying term used on the internet today


    Oooooh - petulant! Seriously, I know how that feels - sorry, never meant to offend.



    sirAndy;155043 wrote:
    Vinyls, vinyls, vinyls.


    (Thanks for the heads-up on your vinyls* St. Noah)








    *I don't give a shit what you call them.


    *Well, quite. Pleasure my good sir.

  11. Some folk may recall from last year sometime (?) that I purchased this on TradeMe, then got into a stoush with the vendor over the fact that he had claimed it was an original (ie 1970) pressing when in fact it was a later issue with different labels and a thinner cardboard sleeve etc. In the end he gave me a partial refund and we went on about our business.


    That started me on a quest to locate my ideal copy of this rightly-hallowed piece of jazz history, and I've been through a few copies since, so much so that I'm now happy to pass on the item in question.


    I'd guess it's an 80's reissue (PG26) - has the red/orange US Columbia labels with the orange lettering around the edge - and both sleeve and vinyls are Ex. The dude at RG said it was in lovely condition when I took it in for an appraisal the other day.


    Looking for $40 cash (basically what I'd paid for it at the finish), pickup North Shore - happy to play a bit of it 4U on the LP12 before exchange.

  12. The red LED & smooth knobs confirm an earlier model (later ones had green LED & ridged knobs) and are consistent with your unit originally being built as a 32 then upgraded later.


    The NAXO is only required for active operation - in passive stereo mode you just need pre, HiCap & power amp - and yes, bi-amping is possible using two of the output sockets of the HiCap.


    NACA4 or NACA5 is the recommended speaker cable. Naim power amps require cables with inductance per metre within a certain range, or supposedly they can become "unstable". I believe the Avondale Audio BlackLink cable can be safely used, likewise QED 79 strand - and some people also use Mogami.


    Again, hope this helps



    kiwizig;150642 wrote:
    Just wondering what members use to keep their Stylus clean and free from dust. Has anyone used a product called Onzow Zerodust?


    Can't comment on supermarket solutions, but I bought a Zerodust brand new on eBay a few months back and am very happy with it - just does the job quickly and efficiently.



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