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  1. Has anybody had any experience with this brand or specific product Moon 280D DSD MiND2 DAC / built in streamer. They are made in Canada but I cannot find a great deal of information on the internet.
  2. Hi, I have recently starting enjoying Tidal Hi-fi running it off my Oppo 105. Prior to that it was strictly CD's and SACD's and a few downloads on a portable hard drive. Unfortunately the Oppo software is getting very out of date and buggy and it constantly crashes. I am keen to try streaming and at the same time upgrade my DAC from the Oppo, while still playing Discs through it. Appreciate a bit of advice. - Budget is $5-7K NZD. 1. Can you buy a streamer with a good quality DAC or is it best to buy the two components separately ?? I like the Blusound node, but would want
  3. a late reply I know, I own about 40 SACDS brought up until about 2015. Only about 30% of them I would consider audiophile quality and some are frankly dubious Another point is that most SACD's released by niche companies are 2 channel. Companies such as MOFI, SHM SACD in Japan and Analogue Productions still release a few SACD's. There are still occassional quad or 5.1 SACD releases, but 90% plus of releases have been 2 channel over the last 10 years. MOFI and CD Japan did release sampler SACD's. I'm not sure if you can still source them but they give you a good range of rock, Jazz an
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