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  1. They are touching down soon. Anyone want to make an offer around the 6k mark?? I have the original boxes for shipping or collect / view / audition in central wellywood.
  2. Avast is still blocking me on my home PC
  3. Advance notice that I will be looking to sell my Dynaudio Confidence C1's shortly when my new Dyn C1 Signatures arrive. Speakers only (keeping the stands), 5 yrs old, excellent condition. Current RRP $12,999, so what are they worth to you?:confused: Start scratching down the back of the couch, selling that surplus gear, renting out the spare room.:cool: Highly respected stunningly good speakers. PM me if you want to make an advance offer.:cool:
  4. I used Perreaux integrated then pre & power combo very happily for a number of years and the only time I need tech assistance, the service was superb. And this wasn't thru any issue with the gear, just me wanting to do something that it wasn't designed for - ie higher input voltage to the pre - amp and was it adapted at no cost.
  5. Des W;190391 wrote: Oh dear sorry my old friend--but reluctant to post any more comments pics/etc--last time I did that a local Dealer and his Importer buddy in the Akl West decided to deride in posts--my motives and integrity/etc on another NZ site.Better to stay mum I felt in future. In fact I had 78 files yesterday to load to an Aus site with comments/etc when I got as nasty post from an Oz Importer--so I pulled the thread. I'll pop the odd pic and comment if a thread evolves with what I've heard but no more Show reports Des That, my dear chap is intimidation - or at basic - bullying. Shame on them!
  6. [attach]12602[/attach][attach] Attached files
  7. Anyone here get these or know of who did? I was sort of interested...but..... Love to know how they sound / fit in to a system http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=646691109
  8. Dem mothers are friggin huge. I've used smaller PA systems !
  9. Not dead to me. I like something to touch, hold, feel and read while I listen and bask in the rosy glow of tubes http://edition.cnn.com/2013/09/27/tech/innovation/death-stereo-system/index.html To quote Mark Twain "The reports of my death have been greatly exaggerated."
  10. DSOTM at #1 is a predictable choice given the age the station pitches at. I wonder how any that voted for it actually own it currently and have listened to it in the last year. I have a copy but haven't played it for, oh...20 years or so. It was ground-braking when it came out over 40 years ago - I can still remember the time and place I first heard it - but these days I'd rather listen to something new ...like Valerie June, Vieux Farka Toure, Little Axe, Roy Harper, Israel Nash Gripka or the North Mississippi Allstars new albums. These recent releases are at the top of my listening pile at the moment. Roy Harper's Man or Myth is terrific and a great return to form. Not likely to get played on The Sound tho.
  11. Hi-Fi heathen;188930 wrote: I do realise how sanctimonious this might sound, but I'm genuinely surprised that on an audio forum this topic hasn't prompted serious discussion... Has it been done to death before my time? People would really rather discuss 'cable burn-in'? ...Occurs to me that high-end cables (or anything else for that matter) won't mean a damn thing once all production values have gone out the window... Just a thought... :confused: Hear hear
  12. http://dangerousminds.net/comments/breaking_bad_propels_badfingers_baby_blue_up_the_charts
  13. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-24441979 Yet another format after DVD audio, SACD.....Pure Audio And the b*stards have made Blu-Ray audio a copy-protected format. To my ears and IMHO the mastering is more important than format (so long as it is un-crushed) and played through a decent system. I use compact disc, digital mp2, mp3 and wav files professionally and mostly CD at home.
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