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  1. Picked up the new Pink Floyd on vinyl. Got to listen to it yesterday while making a cable rack, so was a little distracted, but got to listen to both discs three times while working. Then couldn't leave studio until I had a proper sit-down down and give it a decent listen. the perfect "Swan Song". They managed to subtly cram references to just about every other great piece of their work into this. Also, having Wright vocalising on one track was pure frisson. the lyrics in the final track were a little cringe-worthy, but it's still excellent. Will definitely get good mileage out of this record. Sounds freakin' great too. Anyone else had a listen to it yet?
  2. At least they still sound normal anytime, right? ... Right?
  3. Nah, along with the battery it's having other issues. At the moment his production skills have got to a level where it's getting maxed out a lot. This machine has been totally thrashed since he got it, running at least 8 hours a day, much of that music stuff that's pretty intense. Even if it was fixed (again, it's had a new battry a couple of years ago, new CPU fan, new screen, new HDD), it's still not up to spec for what he needs now anyways. I'd rather get him something that'll see him right for the next few years, rather then try and fix his current machine and have it crap out in a few months. A Mac mini would be ideal, since no battery to worry about, easy upgrades, external PSU and fewer heat issues.
  4. Hi guys, Yeah, I know, I'm always asking you for stuff, but you're so nice! Anyway, a mate of mine is a musician, producer genius guy, but a broke one. His 2008 macbook that he's been doing all his work on is about to die and he needs a replacement before it blows up. This is getting urgent now as the battery is starting to swell and burst out of the housing. Also the machine is locking up randomly, which is imdeding his music production somewhat. I've volunteered to buy him a replacement. My max budget is about $500. Ideally I'd like a core2 macmini, one of the older ones, with a decent size hard drive, but they are kinda hard to find, so a macbook/macbook pro that still has a few years left in it would be awesome. Anyone got anything sitting around they care to part with?
  5. I did have a box full of the God Save the Queen single with that sleeve, NZ press. Probably about 20 of them. Had the even rarer EMI singe they released two, had four copies of that. Some of the Proggy looking albums there I've never heard of. Will have to track down digital versions and have a listen. Cool list. I like that they included all that lovely Vocalion stuff.
  6. Probably. It's the guy that Tool Box in Petone is using at the tech now. He is very good, but takes stuff home to fix, then it gets forgotten. He's more interested in modern micro technology (fixing cell phones and things). He says that the old stuff is too old boring, which is fine, but when you agree to fix something for a price, you should fix it as promised, not take it home then say the job is too boring then not bring the item back. Shit! That reminds me, he still has my Kenwood KD-600 with Linn arm. That job was supposed to take two weeks. I think I gave it to him in march. Shit!
  7. I have a 999. It kinda blew up and is with a tech and has been for over a year. I keep pestering him to give it back to me, since he has no intention of fixing it, but he keeps on "forgetting" to bring it back. Starting to get really angry about that now. But, yeah, I like these old things. I had the 555A, which was gifted to a friend, which was really nice. Also owned a few monster receivers, most notibly the G9000Db, which was collossal and actually beat my Quad 606 MkII in every respect. I really regret selling it now. I want my 999 back... :-(
  8. There is also a very small bookshelf version, I think. Pretty sure the ones I have in the bedrrom are Audax. They use the smaller version of the woofer in the T200, but have a different tweeter. Should really get some picks up in the archive somewhere. They are very cool speakers. Like the others, very big heart. They sound so much bigger than they are. Great imaging too.
  9. My dad had a technics SU-7700 forever. It was his pride and joy amplifier. CAme with us as we moved around the world a couple of times. Cool wee amp. He had it paired with some Mission 720 speakers, which got destroyed and chucked over the decades of moving. For his birthday a couple of years back I got his old amp, which I had in storage, rebuilt it, located the matching tuner, got his Pioneer PL512 going well with a new cart, but lacked speakers. Fortunately, Bill in lower hutt gave me a sweet deal on a pair of these. Was gobsmacked on testing. These are great old machines. I wanted to keep them. Now they sit either side of my parents fireplace and get used a lot. I am glad something made locally from the same era could replace the rare and awesome Mission 720's. Shame these are in CHCH. I could really use them in the studio.
  10. Well, after looking around a lot, I've decided on the new Focal Alpha 80 range. They're just a tad over budget, but the guy I'm mixing with has the CMS series in his UK studio, so I figure I may as well get something that he's more familiar with. If I can scrape together enough money while wiating for them to arrive I might get the Tannoy Golds as well to use as the B speakers. I reckon between the two we should be okay. Now for the next fun part: Microphones!
  11. Thank you both. I'm hoping to have both available for doing the work on. I think the vintage tannoys are more in tune with my ears, which is why I'm reluctant to use them initially. Maybe as a second monitor they would be nice. I'm fond of warm "pipe-smoking" english sound, which is why my main hifi speakers are Linn, Kef, or cool oddities with Kef/Coles drivers. Mostly my mixing and mastering has been done on my sadly gone JBL 4311's, which were great, as long as you didn't care about anything 17khz or above. This time, I'm looking for neutrality, but on a budget. I've heard some genlecs and find them quite shrill. I can't listen to them for too long, which might be a problem with my hearing or the speaker. It's hard to tell. Robert, do you have any experience with the Yamaha HS8 or HS80 models? So far they are looking best bet in my price range, unless I can get something second hand that's better. If so, what do you think of them?
  12. Hi Guys, Well, I'm back from holiday and have some money left over, which feels weird. My band will be recording in a month or so, therefore it's time to buy some of the required gear. One thing I need is monitors because my Linns would probably be a bit... coloured. Because I'm weird, I'd rather not go for wee near-fields. What I have my heart set on in some Dual-Concentricness. To that end, does anyone have any 12" Tannoys of the modernish variety they'd like to move on? The Little Monitor Golds look sweet, but reviews are mixed on whether they are shite or not. But that gives you an idea what I'm looking for. I have the opportunity to pick up some of the older Monitor Golds, but I have a feeling they may not be accurate enough to mix/master on. Your thoughts?
  13. I can't read anything on this site any more. Is it possible to show categories any more? Not that it matters because the font is so small and the orange on white thing makes it almost impossible to see anything... Trying the Crown now. It's actually pretty decent...
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