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  1. JP.;81832 wrote: Sure its not stolen?? Seller has almost no history and only regsitered this month... I'd be VERY weary It came out of a very well to do bar here in Chch. It was no good for them because of the separate tuner box so they got an LCD to replace it. No chance of it being stolen.
  2. Nety;81811 wrote: Well done.. You do realise however that your last question breaks the terms of trading on trademe. You can have you account closed for trying to buy the item outside of trademe + putting contact details:o :eek: goody good.
  3. I have a 2808 (used to have 4306) and it is a good machine. I paid $1123 wholesale incl GST so that is a screaming hot deal. Do it.
  4. You are not trying to use the component and HDMI from the MYSKY at the same time are you? This is not possible. Must be an HDCP issue then??
  5. I just bought a Pioneer PDP435 for $671 on trade me. I have picked it up and it is in perfect condition! http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=197724496
  6. Have you gone into the menu and checked to see if the HDMI input has been enabled? Common mistake if you are using an input that you have not used before.
  7. Strawberry Sound can do anything to do with multiroom and automation. Call Co on 021 615 335.
  8. I really need to sell this amp now, my dog has been diagnosed with terminal cancer and I can't afford to pay the bill. I will take $1750 for it. I will use half of the money to pay for the vet and the rest will go towards a Denon AVR2808 that I can get cheap. It is a downgrade but we have a 5 month old baby so I never get to turn it up anyway. I have no internet or computer so I have no use for the ethernet port. I am gaining HD Audio decoding so I am not too unhappy. Someone can get a great deal here and help out someone in desparate need!
  9. I sold the fronts, centre and sub, these are left over.
  10. I have a brand new pair of Mission MV4 speakers for sale. RRP is $499, I will sell for $250. PM me.
  11. I have come across this problem alot. You are trying to cover shit with sugar (pardon my french). The Sky signal does not have enough information to upscale well. You may find things like live rugby or movies on a Saturday night look OK but Living channel and the likes will turn to custard. Uoscaling anythig just adds artifacts etc so leave it at native resolution.
  12. About a year old, still one year of warranty, in perfect condition. I am upgrading. I would like to acheive around the $1950 mark but I am open to negotiations. I will be listing on trade me next week. PM me if interested.
  13. A little birdy told me that the W and V are identical except for the bezel. Overseas, they are different, not here. PS, the freeview decoders are average compared to the likes of a Zinwell.
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