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  1. Might not be much help, but the valve Shindo Aurigies was amazing with the 350P. Sold the pereaux to go to 845 SET amp but sometimes miss the authority of the big power amp. The Plinius M8 was a nice pre as well, though didn't use that with the 350P.
  2. The logitech UE9000 are worth looking into, I got them over the Sennheiser momentums due to the very good Bluetooth implementation. They are a bit too jacked up in the bass for my liking with the active NR/internal amp, but plugged in with NR off sound really good from an ipod and even better with a decent DAC/amp combo. The Bluetooth mode is very addictive, walking around the house streaming from the NAS! I've had a pair of Senn Hd600 for years and they are my open back at home phones for now.
  3. I use the HRT microstreamer with IPhone 4S and camera connection kit, it's seamless. It gives you a headphone and lineout analogue options, from a 3.5 mm mini plug. You can use a 3.5 mm to RCA cable to your amp. This option means not using your existing DAC, though the HRT is a nice little DAC for the price.
  4. That is sad, I enjoy one of his creations nearly every single day, often for long periods of time.
  5. Well, I was fortunate to have a kind audio dealer (cheers Paul & Neil) who lent me the Perreaux to confirm that it was what I was looking for to replace the ASLs - transparent to let the Shindo magic through with power to really bring out the best in the somewhat difficult to drive Sonus Fabers.
  6. It's not a lot less than what I paid in fact and I need the $ urgently to fund the Perreaux. Also the age and unknown tube history - all working perfectly at the moment though. Sold to Eddie - looks like I priced them correctly for the quick sale!
  7. I'm selling these big beasty valve amps, likely going back to solid state brute power for a change (Perreaux 350P) with the Shindo preamp. http://www.trademe.co.nz/electronics-photography/home-audio/amplifiers-tuners/auction-550443198.htm They have it all - high power (70w/ch) massive tank like build, lots of light and heat (nice in winter!) and that wonderful tube sound. I'm happy to demo them in my system for a serious buyer - too heavy to take any where else for a demo, sorry!
  8. webbed;174811 wrote: Aaround, are you implying a demo of sorts? I'm up in AKL 10/11 Nov. If anything was going down I'd be keen for a listen. I'm always happy to demo new amps, but to be fair to the suppliers I'm no where near in a position to spend five figures on a new amp at the moment...
  9. Ernie;174879 wrote: What can I say. Online trading has made a mockery of retail, especially this range of headphones. If I was still "high street" retailing, the 800s would be the only model I'd touch. The only practical help I could suggest is to contact the distro, Syntec. Now if you were to think laterally about your brands... Ain't that the truth - a perfect example of the 'I can get these much cheaper on line' resulting in no more opportunities to try before you buy. To the OP, I've got some HD600's and they are good but need an amp to get the best out of them. Nowdays you can pick up some really good DAC / AMP combos - the audioquest dragonfly or FIOE17 are good examples. Now if you wanted to experience a little bit of heaven, you're welcome to come and try my Audeze LCD2 / AudioGD Phoenix amp combo...
  10. Des W;174711 wrote: Yoh Guys, Right on too_tall-- I don't want you all to take purely my word as gospel--- I know the NZ importer has just got another MH300B in and would be up for the comparison-- I'm sure Neil would accommodate with a comparable Shindo for you to evaluate. Let's know how you get on Des I can provide the speakers and venue...
  11. Interesting reading, Des - I've been thinking about replacing my big ASL amps for a while now, they are getting a bit old and noisy. Great to hear that the low power valve power amps can still sound so good on the Sonus Fabers, I thought I was going to need 50W minimum of tube power. Might have to speak to Neil again about a Shindo power amp, maybe swap him a truck load of veges.
  12. neil;166558 wrote: Yep I had an Aurieges L for a while... . and now I have it and it's just magical...
  13. Now on Trademe http://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=386177937, reserve = $800
  14. I have an excellent condition Mac Mini 2010 for sale, specification as follows: 2.54 GHz Intel Core 2, 3MB L2 cache 4GB DDR3 SDRAM 320GB HD 8 x Superdrive GeForce 9400M, 256MB shared DDR3 Mini DVI - DVI cable included OSX (10.6.2) + iLife I have installed Amarra Junior and was using as my music server until buying a Hackintosh from Antiopodes in Feb this year. It was fantastic as a server, so compact and everything just worked, control via Ipod touch / Ipad with all my music on external HDD. I haven't owned a CD player for well over 6 months now! I got the 2010 model as this had the external PSU, which was recommended as the newer model has internal PSU which potentially adds noise. Also, Amarra needs 4GB RAM to run and the comparable new model only had 2GB at the time. Amarra Junior is the no-frills version of Amarra and is a good step up from Itunes. The (much more expensive) Hackintosh is certainly better in my system, but I was very happy with the mini until I tried the Hack. Still can't beat the Mac's diminuitive form factor! Cost me $1328 for the Mac from Harvery Normans on 16 Oct 2010 (I have the receipt), around $120 for Amarra ($95 US at the time). I'd like to get $800 for it, and quite happy to demo at my place (out West) for keen buyers. Once you've experienced the convenience of Ipad control of your entire music collection, there's no looking back! Send me a PM if you're interested, or ask any questions on here. I'd really like to sell to someone on here to use as music server, rather than go over to Trademe.
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