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  1. Item: Ortofon 2m blue cartridge with low use (@100hours) stylus, plus a BNIB spare 2m blue stylus - mounted on an Ortofon headshell @ 52mm Location: Auckland, NZ Price: $400 NZD Item Condition: pristine Reason for selling: changes to pre-amp situation means i've moved to MC Payment Method: Pickup - Cash, Paypal, COD Only Extra Info: Thought I should add this here, as i'm currently selling on Trademe but a tonne of watchers doesn't mean anyone is actually going to bid it seems! https://www.trademe.co.nz/Browse/Listing.aspx?id=2220865106 So I had bought a 2m blue stylus to put on my 2m red cart, then got sidetracked on a 1200mkII upgrade project, sold the red cart with it's original stylus and bought a 2m blue cart. So i've put the first stylus on the cart and kept the brand new stylus in the packaging. Since then, i've again been sidetracked into a different pre-amp and i've moved to a MC cart, so this is for sale. @ 400 NZD, it's a steal (thats about 380 AUD). The total cost of a cart, spare stylus and ortofon headshell is still significantly higher than this. Give me a yell if you're interested! Photos: Advertisements without photos of the actual item will not be approved.
  2. hey initforthemusic, desoldered the gain circuits today and it's helped a lot. Thanks for that. I have range in gain control now! The next issue is that i'm still running too high an output from the cart on my 1200. currently have a 2m blue, which is rated at 5.5mV and it's still too much. too much surface noise, signal is too hot, but input into line level from a digital receiver is now perfectly manageable, so i'm going to pick up a denon dl110 and tinker with that for a while, same loading but a claimed 1.5mV output / real world measure of around 2.2mV. That should put me squarely in the game with the sp-9.
  3. dig around! considering some of the prices some mediocre gear goes for, and the build quality of AR gear, buying nearly 'vintage' equipment is a good option! I was saving to splash out on something to replace a 10yo amp that was the most expensive thing I could afford 10 years ago, and I got the SP-9mk2 pre-amp (which is 27 years old!) for 1200 NZD. Half the price of the tube phono stages I was looking at and sounds superb!
  4. That sounds like what I need! Do you happen to have any reference I could look at for details on that gain reduction? Assuming it's a bit of soldering etc? I'd also love to hear some more about the upgrades and mods you'd recommend for the SP-9mk2. Do you mean the base upgrades for the mk3 spec + more, or something completely different?
  5. Hi all, some questions for the experts here, and a little story because I'm having so much fun right now! I've gone down all sorts of rabbit holes thinking about amp upgrades and so on, and i've ended up a million miles from where I thought I was going and I couldn't be happier! What started as an intention to get an integrated do-everything solid state box with phono on-board to accompany my 1200mk2 for a super tidy turntable set-up has morphed into the attached combo of an Audio Research SP-9 mk2 and Audio Research VS55 and valves bloody everywhere! I was looking at tube phono stages (out of necessity, the old project phono box SE just up and died on me) and happened upon the SP-9, and got sidetracked by how awesome its phono stage sounded. So clear, so strong! So then I figured I was going to look at solid state monoblocks like the PS Audio M700s, but then the VS55 turns up on loan from a friend, and it's completely blown me away. this is going from my 10year+ cambridge audio 740a which was... average, but still! Anyway, the sound is superb, it fills the house, my speakers are SO much more capable than i was ever aware of when they were being driven by the cambridge and I can't stop playing records! Two things that have me slightly confounded are: My speakers are 'nominally' rated at 6ohms, but the amp has outputs for 4ohms and 8ohms. What would you do? I'm currently using the 8ohm because I (hopefully correctly) assume that the safest option. And secondly, christ the signal is hot! It takes about 4 clicks of gain on the pre-amp to take the sound up to epic, everything sounds fantastic, just bloody loud! So running the 1200 into the SP-9, and then off to the VS55 seems to have a tonne of headroom available. I don't even want to get anywhere near halfway on the gain knob. So is this just how it is and I should just throw more parties and buy more records, or is it possibly something in the phono circuit thats beefing a little too much? I've read that the SPs, and the 9 in particular had a pretty strong output but its huge! Crystal clear sound, the speakers are singing, so rest assured i'm not unhappy, just curious!
  6. Hi Lancia, if you pay shipping, it's yours.
  7. hey Mate, welcome along. Hope you get some good info from here. Beware the upgrade urges! this place will only amplify them...
  8. $100 Absolutely very nearly practically brand new. Purchased from Paul Money hi-fi on the 15th of Jan for $149 in a panic to keep the lights on until my new pre-amp arrived (5 days later) and now surplus to requirement. See here for more details: https://www.project-audio.com/en/product/phono-box-e/ A perfectly silent pre perfectly suited to MM carts. Completely boxed, wrapped, with power supply and receipt for purchase. In perfect as new condition.
  9. well the beauty of my situation is that there's only two things i'll ever have plugged in to the preamp. a turntable and a line input from something digital, so I can figure whether the CD or another line input is better suited to that.
  10. interesting, i wasn't aware of the crossover changes. Mine are 10+ years old, mk2's but from a while ago.
  11. Hi Sondek, the pre is a SP9 mkII - its a bit of a hybrid tube/FET machine, but the quality of the phono amp is a significant improvement over anything i've had before. really significant. It specifies that any power amp should have an input impedance of "at least 20K 0hms for maximum sonic benefit". It would appear to play well with a lot of the amps i've been perusing.
  12. hey! leave my speakers alone! They actually do quite a good job despite being disgustingly mid-range ? anyways, yes there are better out there, and of course 9K is a chunk of change, but I didn't feel there was any sense in spreading that across everything and ending up with compromises everywhere. My primary need right now is amplification. So I thought i'd rather focus on getting that right, one serious component at a time and then in time, i'd probably change other things here and there. And going integrated seemed like a nice minimal footprint solution. Making the irrational feel rational... Unfortunately with so many options and differing schools of thought, i'm unlikely to validate everyone else's purchasing choices! But the theory goes thusly: I have willingly (for better or for worse, I am not losing sleep over it) regressed to a 1200 because I just love the damn thing. i've tweaked it in ways that make me happy, rewired and outboarded the tonearm wiring, and I'm currently running the same cart as I had on my previous table because it's an adequate match, and right now I could have a pure-unobtanium-sprung-organically-hand-wound-butterfly-kissed Japanese cartridge from March 1973 and I wouldn't know it through the system I have! So source-wise: table stays, and with better amplification I can experiment with carts in future. Amp-wise: We've renovated, and the shape of the space the stereo has to run around in is now larger and more open, and I've found the cambridge amp to be a bit thin. Speaker-wise: they're part of the family. we'll talk about them later. I would also like to pat myself on the back for the restraint i've shown in keeping the same system for over 10 years! It was a big investment at the time, and I proved to my (then girlfriend, now) wife that it was money well spent. BUT... In an interesting turn of events, I've just last week acquired an Audio Research pre-amp with a phono stage that's completely blown me away, and suddenly, I've got a pre-amp that i'm in love with. Now my course of action is careening off in the direction of some nice solid state monoblocks and I think I could possibly put this whole thing to bed for a couple more years. With some serious grunt, i'll be lined up for a future speaker upgrade and otherwise happy as a clam!
  13. I don't *have* to spend 9K, spending less is still an attractive proposition! And as you say, it leaves $$$ for elsewhere. I've been round and about with TTs, I'm not that interested in going down the rabbit hole again. I think cart options might expand in future, but i'm not convinced I need to chase that bunny either in the near term. meanwhile the whole thinking was a beautiful amp/pre set-up at the heart and then long term the speakers will no doubt become a consideration. I've been looking seriously at the rotel 1581 monoblocks over the last couple of days, hard to find much on them but on paper they look good, and gobs of power, so they open up options for speakers in future. and if they're good SS, they'll be clean and clear, and the pre will be the star of the show. If this was easy there wouldn't be a multi-billion dollar industry with myriad choices and confusinations!
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