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  1. It started out as Naim 'K' MC boards (designed for low output Linn cartridges), but has been modified (as has the power supply) by a small company called Avondale Audio in the UK (this was all done by the previous owner). The rest of the system remains Nottingham Analogue TT, Leben CS660P power amp with vintage RCA 6L6GC Black Plate valves (or sometimes Gold Lion KT66s) and Harbeth SHL5 speakers connected by Antipodes Audio Komako IC and Kimber 8TC speaker cables.
  2. I'm afraid not Owen. My laziness has meant that I've resorted to hiding my most homely of phono-stages at the back of one of the lower shelves... On the plus side, the Audible Illusions L3A pre-amp I got from Jason P has all the gain I need for my low output Lyra, and sounds absolutely magnificent too.
  3. It's like a jungle sometimes it makes me wonder how I keep from going under. http://www.trademe.co.nz/electronics-photography/home-audio/vintage/auction-1130140950.htm
  4. As to touring, when we were on the NZ/Aust/Japan tour with Hayley, I was asked to use a Roland electronic kit (about as far from Jay Bellarose's sound as possible). We had hired the 'controller' here in NZ and just picked up the rest of the drum pads as we went along. I had always used acoustic drums, as at that time even the top of the line electronic kits had very limited touch sensitivity and playing with any finesse was pretty much impossible. What I wasn't aware of, was that the controller had been left in a setting that had a pitch bend on every pad once the hi hat pedal was depressed. Anytime I played any of the pitched sounds (which was the bulk of the drum parts for the show), the pitch was a moved to a semi-tone out! It drove me nuts (and a big part of the tour) trying to identify the problem. Just to give recognition to Hayleys talent, and along my pitching issues, one of her songs started with an extended acoustic guitar and vocal section. At the Osaka concert (about a 3000 seater), the guitarist unfortunately hadn't put the capo on correctly. Hayley starts singing and when the guitar joined in, it was like a shredding video. Hayley was an absolute pro and carried on pitch perfect, regardless of what was going on around her. Amazing.
  5. Hi Owen Jay Bellarose is a fantastic musician who has gone down a different path with his drumming than most of his peers. His earthy sound brings a new (or perhaps older) dimension to recordings he plays on and I'm a real fan. As to my career, I've been very blessed to have performed with a number of talented jazz/pop/rock artists such as Bic, Dave Dobbyn, Anika Moa, Julia Deans, Malcolm McNeill, Hayley Westenra and few international artists such as Renee Geyer, Petula Clark and Elaine Paige. I'm not being remotely modest to say that I am a very average drummer, I just had a mother who made me learn to read music as a kid which opened the door to work that required that ability. My last international tour was NZ, Aust, China & Singapore with Elaine Paige and a Taiwanese singer called Fei Xiang (Kris Phillips is his English name). I'd love to have a distinctive 'voice' like Jay Bellarose, but I sound like any number of 'workmanlike' drummers out there. Music has brought me heaps of pleasure. Performing from the middle of an orchestra like on the Bic Runga CSO album is an absolute thrill. The sound is so different from being in the audience. It's like being hardwired to the music. Cheers, Greg
  6. I had the pleasure of playing drums with her, on her live with the CSO album. A really lovely person who to work with. She was after a vintage drum sound and fortunately I had an early 70's Rogers drum kit with Zildjian cymbals from the same era. She played the drums herself and knew exactly what she was after for the album. It was recorded in the Christchurch Town Hall back when it was still in one piece. The great acoustics in there couldn't be further from the massive concrete gym that has been used for big concerts in Christchurch since (currently called the Horncastle Arena). The Horncastle has the most dire sound of any venue I've ever been to and ironically survived the earthquakes with ease.
  7. Fantastic article. If the great unwashed read it, a few more may decide to dip their toes into higher fidelity. I have 3 systems at home including a Notts Analogue TT with Lyra Helkon SL, Leben CS660P valve amp with beautiful 1960s RCA Black Plate 6L6GC valves and Harbeth SHl5 speakers, yet my family is more than happy with listening to music through their ipad or laptop inbuilt tinny sounding speakers... Maybe it is just the music that matters, and it will move you (or not) no matter how limited the delivery platform? I could say that my teenage daughter's taste in music is possibly improved by those 1 cm computer speakers, but then I'd be sounding like my parents...
  8. I can highly recommend Brian and his LPs. As Sondek said, the albums are in pristine condition. Get some now before it's too late! I'm loving the fantastic Salif Keita, Dollar Brand and Sunny Ade etc I got from Brian. Many thanks!
  9. Bob Belden lineup: Phil Grenadier-Trumpet, Tim Ries-Flute, Kevin Hays-Fender Rhodes, Larry Goldings-Hammond B3 Organ, Ira Coleman-Bass, Billy Kilson-Drums, Bob Belden-Arranger & Producer. What a killer band!
  10. Nice :-) Neither one of those admitted obstacles has been enough to stop me loving the black stuff though...
  11. I have a revolving door with some of my gear, as I love to try new stuff. Sometimes I make a misstep and end up buying the same thing again further down the track. I recently had a pair of ES14s repaired by Phil Roberts that I had picked up in fairly average condition (including missing tweeters) that were thrown in with some Epos stands I needed. Wow, what a great speaker! OK, so they are nowhere near as transparent as my main system speakers (Harbeth SHL5s), but they allow so much foot tapping joy through, that many of other speakers I've since moved on seem to dilute. They make me want to keep listening to album after album.
  12. Thanks for the great link Owen -Marty asks really intelligent questions. I hope she will be keen to come back again.
  13. I can't afford the flights etc from Christchurch just at the moment, but I love her music. From back when I heard 'Car Wheels on a Gravel Road' for the first time, I've been hooked. One of my all time favourite artists. I'm loving the slightly more funky R&B direction of 'Down Where the Spirit Meets the Bone' too.
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