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  1. A long time between drinks but a shrinkwrapped, opened copy of Atlantic SD 8214 landed on my doorstep on Friday. NM/VG+ and has the original advert inner sleeve. The LP has the odd scratch but so did the great woman. I'm well happy with that for roughly $45. Great SQ, more homogenous than the 4MWB, which seems a little "spitty" although I only compared an inner track. Can't wait til it's cleaned. Happy Daddy
  2. Gin's musical director/guitarist is also an expat Kiwi, so not a totally American setting for her. DD
  3. I've tried PMing but no joy so will try again in a day or so. Cheers, DD
  4. The former TVNZ telethon studios. So it should sound good, it's absolutely cavernous and purpose built.
  5. Still no toilets though, ultimately limiting the length of one’s visit… Sondek, they do, behind the LP trades counter but you're famously only allowed to do Number Ones.
  6. Beck's "Morning Phase" Reverb-soaked classical/pop goodness.
  7. ;-) sorry, maybe I was harsh. I generally prefer more dangerous things but I do love ABBA.
  8. it seems good male singers are not in great abundance at present. They are, just not new ones. I'd be quite happy if Brooke Fraser covered Taylor Swift in concrete :-) YMMV! DD
  9. To be blunt, get a 12" instead. I suggest the one with Lean On Me. You might find - as I did - their repeated use of the same drumbeat wears thin pretty soon and masks the actual tunes. YMMV! DD
  10. I imagine you've looked here already, HFH?? DD http://www.trademe.co.nz/electronics-photography/home-audio/turntables/auction-785736594.htm
  11. I've seen his posts on Steve Hoffman too. "I love gear!" he once said.
  12. Yes, I came across some similar PC-mad differences that concern a cuss-ridden track on Marianne Faithfull's Broken English. I think the more you look for this sort of thing, the more you may find it. DD
  13. It is bad but anyone in a band will recognise they have put in some effort to get that far. Just not enough!
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