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  1. Yes there's been a power cut in Wellington. I'm back on now but not supposed to be all resolved until after 12.
  2. Take care with Ipod Touches and Iphones - since these came out they don't have the firewire connection that all docks I've seen so far rely upon to charge and (if they have one) remote usability. I have tried Pro-ject without success. If anyone has any suggestions about docks that they have found work (and charge etc) with ipod touch I would love to hear them!
  3. I went to the Wellington gig. Damn we didn't get Reservations - one of my favs. We also only got two songs for our encore (I got the feeling they had left it open for another encore but the people didn't demand it so the lights came on). Part of that could have been the large standing crowd and at 2 and a half hours people were getting tired maybe. Absolutely loved it though. I don't know how they did it but they surpassed their last gig at the Opera House and took it to another level.
  4. I am so amped for this - the town hall will be an incredible venue too. 100% agree with you there aarond - I hate describing them to people too or trying to pigeon hole them - alternative country is a bit of a drag!
  5. http://www.synthgear.com/2010/audio-gear/record-grooves-electron-microscope/
  6. I hate wasabi and that pickled ginger you always get.
  7. What have you been using to drive those Aurum speakers Gooki? I am interested but unsure if my 70w x 2 Marantz would do them justice?
  8. Good to see they went for a good amount. Would have dearly loved to sit there for this concert - its going to be a cracker!
  9. Perhaps you are an exception to the rule Ricky. Don't we all like to be one of those?
  10. guitardude;110367 wrote: These look like an Enthusiasts speaker don't you think !! Haha don't bridge threads guitardude.
  11. Anyone heard/ heard of these? http://www.trademe.co.nz/Electronics-photography/Home-audio/Speakers-and-stands/Floor-speakers/auction-256389483.htm
  12. Thanks for the link. Turns out its looking like I will have to replace the lamp circuit fuse, which is encased in a plastic tube and soldered to the wires. They don't make em like they used to!
  13. Just a rabbit ears job. Yeah i'm thinking (hoping) it was a coincidence. It has been suggested to me that if one bulb blew the others (as judging from the fron display there has to be at least 3 i'd say) may be in series so won't go until it is replaced. How would I know where to look for a fuse across the lamp circuit? Its sounding like i'm going to have to open things up and look inside, which never ends well for me!
  14. Now looking at this thread I don't think i've done the right thing (which is silly of me) but I connected a tv aerial via a spade connector adapter to the 300 ohm screws. Reception was great, then all the backlights went out round the front, so far never to return. This could have just been a coincidence, however I don't think its just one blown bulb because all the lights have gone out. I will try swapping the antenna to the 75 ohm connectors tonight but does anyone know what might have caused this? What would be the fix?
  15. Thanks very much for the replies. The dipole antenna would be ideal but I don't think i'm going to get away with something that size! So I should be looking at rabbit ears TV aerials then - presumably I remove the coaxial plug and bare wire the cable to the screw inputs, but do I do this to the 300 or 75 ohm screws? So far both of you suggest differently!
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