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  1. too_tall;157683 wrote: Auckland stores, however. Well, Paul Turner has always been good in my experience, but other stores..... Maybe someone turning up in a dirty 4WD ute is a turn off, maybe its my sometimes very casual manner, but I often get the feeling I am an alien in their wondrous city, and really, could I please bugger off quietly without murdering someone on the way, back down to the bush I obviously evolved in. I often wonder if those people realize that even in the deepest, darkest parts of central Auckland, the dairy industry is one of, if not the, prime industry which keeps money flowing in this country? I remember in my youth being told that Hamilton retailers (of anything) looked forward to the National Fieldays (sp?) with glee, knowing the (real) money that was about to roll into town. Look like you've come out of the bush? Welcome, welcome sir. They knew what side of the bread was buttered.
  2. Sorry haven't been reading this full thread, but I find my 'internet security' software (from Intego) sometimes sees the efforts of my Mac to communicate with my ATV2 as being a port flood and blocks it - meaning both sides can no longer see each other. I put up with this until I realised I could allow the IP address to always be "trusted". Is your AV software perhaps doing the same thing?
  3. I'm a sucker for plywood anything, so these speakers (and similar others by Magico) get my tick, if only as something to look at I don't think I'll ever have to worry whether they sound good or not
  4. Every time I walk past a shop with a gorgeously designed Samsung TV in the window, I'm glad I didn't get one (or any LCD for that matter). The picture on these things just makes everything look like video vs film - and that isn't a good thing in my books. It'll be plasma (and hence Panasonic) TV's for me until they stop making the things. That being said I wish I could have afforded the ST30 instead of the U30 I got (curse you bizarre Singapore pricing!)
  5. I swear I searched for AudioEnz, Audio, Enz etc etc and nothing (well nothing matching AudioEnz anyway). Then I searched again to day and it came up first pop. Oh well. I just need to remember my password (or get round to resetting it) and I can log in.
  6. I downloaded it but can't find AudioEnz? Is it under some other title?
  7. Walked by that shop the other day. Very nice.
  8. Ah excellent - thanks! Yes we saw the sub and the above unit attached to a stand - very industrial and very cool. It was the CRG's a took the photo of I think (3-ways). Again, thanks for info.
  9. ...something beginning with A? Does anyone know what brand of speakers this is? Saw them in the shop that sells Ocean Way Audio at the Adephi. Too not-for-mere-mortals to actually go in an ask. But my wife liked the look of them (which is rare for a speaker) so I need to know more! Attached files
  10. Interestingly you can spec it with a 750GB HDD and a 250GB SSD at the same time. Nice! But $$$ Seems to be little difference in this spec against the 'server' version though - although that has a quad core I think. Certainly a tight and tidy little package.
  11. Seen a house with these: http://www.pdl.co.nz/product-details.aspx?rcat=products&catid=1003&id=1030 Think they switch on automatically when you insert a plug. But that is just annoying. If you want to turn it off you have to unplug it! How very american.....
  12. Another option: http://www.audioreference.co.nz/product/arc-audiophile-power-cord-shieled-18mtr-aunz-approved-custom-lengths-order
  13. Ack, what a frustrating time. It seems here in Singapore that there is reasonable price parity for many electronics (comparisons made easier by the almost 1-1 of the currency). So a 50U30 is $1799 RRP here, and $1999 RRP in NZ. The GT and VT here? Well, not here, not for the short term anyway . The top of the heap? the ST30 - and the cost of a 50incher? $3999. In NZ, $2699. WTF? :eek: Goodness knows what their GT/VT pricing will be like when/if they come out here. So despite wanting to spend around $2500 I got the U30 for $1729 incl delivery and installation (which could include wall mounting if I wanted it!). I just couldn't make myself pay ~4k for a ST30 knowing how much they are in NZ :mad:. Another annoyance here is the lack of online retailers (or shop and mortar retailers with online presences). Why? Well shopping here is a religion it seems (note I mean the physical act of shopping, not just the act of consuming). Shopping online just wouldn't give the locals the same 'kick' they get out of the physical manifestation. So that means traipsing around the malls hoping to find what you need. Fun for some, but for those with little time it's annoying. At least shops are open late (8 or even 10pm), which makes up for it slightly. Apparently Amazon do good business from expats in Sing used to their couch shopping ways....
  14. Will be getting a new telly in the next few weeks. Am very very very tempted by the latest top-o-the-line Samsung and Sony LED/LCDs. Soooo good looking. But so very very expensive compared to the plasmas. So will get a GT30 or VT30 55", but only if somewhere in this sometimes very backward Singapore gets them in the country in time.....
  15. Welcome reddog!, you seem to have discovered the great NZ swindle! :rolleyes: The answer always is to a) go ahead and buy from overseas and probably loose any warranty help locally, or b) stump up and pay local prices and get local support or c) start up your own HiFi importing business and see for yourself where all these extra costs come in (as that is the only way a true cynic will ever know the 'truth'). Beyond that I can only think Facebook setup flashmobs protesting in the streets will make a difference, or burning HiFi dealer effigies outside parliment. Or some such.
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