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  1. Thorens TD810 turntable for sale. Purchased new in 2007 for around $2500 (I will find original receipt and update if necessary). Excellent condition with original packaging/manual. Also has the Thorens stabilizer (which was around $300) no cartridge mounted but I do have a at95e that I can include (has less than 100 hours on it). $1200 ono. Specs are easily obtained through Google, it's the silver finish model. I'm in Hamilton and would prefer pick up. Would consider trading for vinyl. Selling due to recent upgrade.
  2. Thanks for your replies guys, ended up going in a different direction due to a good deal on a used MF M1 ViNL. Early days, but so far a huge improvement on the 640p as far as soundstage and detail.
  3. Hi Everyone, I'm considering upgrading my Cambridge 640P soon. Would appreciate your thoughts on: Dynavector P75 mk3 Pro-Ject Phono Box RS Musical Fidelity M1 ViNL Current cart is a Dynavector 10 x 5 am currently using a Thorens table but am upgrading to a VPI Classic Signature (keeping 10x5 until it needs replacing) Max budget would be $1500. Would you anticipate a noticeable improvement going from a 640P to the above short list.
  4. Was in JB HiFi Hamilton today purely by coincidence and they had about 5 items in their record store day section. One of which was Dexy's Midnight Runners Don't Stand Me Down which I've been after for awhile. Purple vinyl 1000 copies thought it was a good buy at $30.
  5. http://www.eventfinder.co.nz/2015/auckland-record-collectors-vinyl-fair/auckland/freemans-bay Link for anyone interested. Owen, still time for you to go as it's on the 14th. Last one in October was good with 30-40 stall holders. Some were dealers or had dealer prices. The majority of sellers had interesting stuff at good prices ($8-15) and there definitely were bargains to be had in the $2-5 range, these sellers looked to have sold quite a bit by the end. There was a particularly good selection of jazz. I didn't see very much high end or rare stuff but there wasn't the Sound of Music/Easy Listening/Op shop dregs either. From memory I got about 30-40 albums. The food on sale there was great too.
  6. I'm not in any way associated with this but went to the last one in October and had an enjoyable day so think it's worth supporting and promoting here. All the details are on eventfinda. I do however have a motive behind this thread as I may not have the means of getting there from Hamilton on the day so if there were someone here from Hamilton that was interested in going and could give me a lift that would be awesome. Happy to pay for petrol/dozen beers and shout a couple of albums there.
  7. I have a few (Hank Mobley, Dexter Gordon, Herbie Hancock etc) and they look and sound fine to me. That said I'm no expert.
  8. I certainly have no complaints regarding the Thorens, just wondering if I can realistically get something markedly better on a 5k budget.
  9. Hi Everyone, I've been buying a lot of vinyl lately and feel the urge to upgrade my TT. I currently have a Thorens TD-810 with a Dynavector 10x5. Out of curiousity if you had 5K to spend where would you go from here? Is it worth bothering?
  10. I've been slowly replacing everything with these after cleaning vinyl and sleeves and cataloging onto Discogs. Scary, time consuming task. http://www.southbound.co.nz/shop/shop/anti-static-plastic-sleeves-50/ and http://www.southbound.co.nz/shop/shop/plastic-outer-sleeves-200/
  11. Did Very well at yesterday's record fair at Freeman's Bay. Picked up about 20 albums including Bow Wow Wow, Professor Longhair, Tom Waits, Bowie and a bit of jazz on Verve. I thought the selection was very good (especially jazz). There definitely were bargains to be had (I got some great albums for $5)and the lower priced stall holders seemed to have shifted a lot where as the more dealer/retail priced sellers not so much. I spent about $200 and had an enjoyable day and was glad i made the trip from Hamilton. The food was also really nice. Interestingly I didn't really see anything "high end" price wise with the dearest individual record i saw being about $100. not that I'm really in that market but it's always interesting to see something mouth watering. I hope it was worthwhile for the venders as it would be a shame if they didn't continue.
  12. Just finish listening to Herbie Hancock Directstep, picked up a mint direct disc copy yesterday for 20 cents!
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