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  1. I have three 20M Belden 1694A cables. Each one has 2 RCA male connectors at the end of the cables. They have been used for about 1 year. Google Belden 1694A and you can read all about this special cable. PM me with a reasonable offer if you are keen. I prefer to sell all 3 at one go.
  2. Loricraft is around the 3K NZD mark. Tell the CFO that the depreciation cost is very low and it will keep the value.
  3. Ask your SWMBO if you can upsize the pressie to a Loricraft...
  4. it has been sometime since i listen to my vinyl. Tonight, is Irish night, and Mary Black is the singer. Mary Black - No Frontier Mary Black - The Collection Mary Black - Circus Mary Black - Babes in the Wood
  5. I agree with Michael, dont bother. None of the reissues are good. If the reissue is pressed by CISCO, dont touch it. IMHO, the 2 LPs that are worth getting are the original pressings of FBR and the Hunter. For FBR, there are four different pressings, the Canadian, German, US and Classic Records.
  6. Declannz;155383 wrote: I dunno. The CDP-501es (like this but much, much bigger) is still one of my favourite players of all time. Don't forget that they started out being over-engineered, then got all cheap and shitty. Talk about overengineered, I have a Sony XA7es. It weighs around 15kg. Here is what it looks like inside http://img504.imageshack.us/img504/1395/sonyxa7es2petita.jpg
  7. check this out http://collectorsfrenzy.com/Details.aspx?id=150622885580
  8. King Size;155261 wrote: Does that sentiment apply to everything (CD's, DVD's, Books, All Blacks jerseys...) or only hi-fi? Nah, buy what you feel is right...
  9. gortnipper;155250 wrote: And 2Juki, while being a good guy, isnt an authorized dealer so support could be problematic. How is that problematic? There are a lot of sellers in trademe that does parallel import, and they dont have problems providing support. Moreover, how much problems can you get with a cartridge?
  10. If John Holtz is buying, it is definitely not overpriced.
  11. Anyone has the above 2 LPs? Are they good? How much did you pay for it?
  12. johnnyC;154931 wrote: I'm looking at having a piece of kit sent out from the USA and the shipping options are USPS, UPS or FEDEX - increasing in cost in that order. I don't mind the cost but want reliability. Any recommendations ? If it is going to be more than 400, I suggest you go to the NZ Customs House, and apply for a Customs Client Code. It is basically a reference number for all import and export that you made. In the Customs clearance form of the either USPS, UPS or Fedex, they will ask you for the Customs Client Code reference. Since you are in Wellington, it is very easy. NZ Customs House is next to the Sakura restaurant. Download the form online, fill it in and hand it over to them. They will process it and email you the reference number in a couple of hours.
  13. Soundline is selling at 9.6k new. Still too high a price for my liking
  14. Today on vinyl, we have Debbie Gibson - Out of the Blue Charlie Dore - Where to Now (with has her famous song "Pilot of the Airwaves")
  15. sss;150835 wrote: My night: Fourplay -Journey - lovely recording by the American Smooth Jazz exponents Depeche Mode- Playing the Angel - another nice quality recording Human League - Credo- the new Human League album - a tad patchy. A bit disappointed. Audio quality a tad flat too. Royskopp- The Understanding if you like Fourplay, you should also listen to their debut album. Fantastic LP
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