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  1. The warehouse has the "Ultimate Blu-ray Movie Kit" - The Hangover, The Dark Knight plus a PS3 Blu-Ray Remote (usually $45-$50) at $52.99 at the moment.
  2. Setlist from setlist.fm Cecilia Ann - BOS U-Mass - TLM Dig For Fire - BOS Nimrod's Son - COP Velouria -BOS Alison -BOS The Sad Punk - TLM Break My Body -SR Mr Grieves - DOO Broken Face - SR Is She Weird - BOS Cactus - SR Ed Is Dead - COP Winterlong (Neil Young cover) River Euphrates - SR The Holiday Song - COP Here Comes Your Man - DOO Wave of Mutilation - DOO Tame - DOO Hey - DOO Vamos - COP/SR Gouge Away - DOO Where is my Mind - SR Encore: Gigantic - SR Debaser - DOO Encore 2: Planet Of Sound - TLM
  3. Anyone else go to this last night? I thought it was a lot better than the Vector concert, helped by being on the floor rather than in the bleachers. Sound level was good - QOTSA/Smashing Pumpkins was the only other concert I'd seen there and that was too loud and distorted. Great mix of songs from all their albums, although Planet of Sound wouldn't have been my choice for final encore.
  4. I don't think the album thing worked very well, the encore Into the White onwards rocked. TV3 has some videos of the Vector show - Wave of Mutilation and Tame, http://www.3news.co.nz/The-Pixies-play-Wave-of-Mutilation/tabid/312/articleID/146152/Default.aspx
  5. Mysky all the way for me, best thing I got in ages. Tivo/Blu Ray = no sport & no HD in hicksville. Internet/you tube via PS3. Haven't used my DVD recorder since getting mysky. Would like a bigger hard drive though, a couple of hours of sport or movies chews through that space but I guess it keeps you from cluttering up the drive with too much junk you'll never watch.
  6. If promoters are so worried about scalpers why not print the name on each ticket (easy for online sales) and demand photo ID at the entrance to match what's on the ticket? Air NZ do it.
  7. Thanks Boris, it's not the message I'm worried about more if TV3 is displaying in HD or not?
  8. Anyone else get this with their PV7 and My Sky HDI combo? If I have the STB going on TV3 with the TV off, and then turn on the TV, I get a sky error message (H442) saying HDCP is not detected from my TV and the programme cannot be viewed. The programme can be viewed though... If the STB was on HD sport no such message. Is the TV3 playing in full HD? I have the STB on pass through so TV says it's getting 1080i signal. But there seems to be a lot of difference in HD quality - netball and Nascar top, S14 next, Warriors a step down from that. The TV3 looks good, but say compared to the netball/Nascar doesn't look as sharp. Thanks!
  9. For those who haven't read it Cormac McCarthy's book "The Road" is one of the best I have read. Won the Pulitzer Prize. Not a pleasant book to read, but compelling. Now being made into a movie too, with Viggo Mortensen in the lead role.
  10. I'd recommend anyone let their insurance company know the value of any expensive item before it gets stolen/damaged ie separately itemised. Could help with any future debate on values, and some insurance companies actually have a limit (AA = $1000?) for items that are not separately listed in the policy.
  11. My Samsung DVD recorder wasn't multi-zoned, not sure if that's a Samsung thing or beacuse it's a recorder. Doesn't take long to find a link to multi-zone most DVD players though.
  12. I bought my 32" Samsung cheaper than a Sanyo 32" at the Warehouse. When I looked around all shops had a 32" branded model that was cheaper than the Sanyo at the Warehouse. My 42" Panasonic plasma was cheaper than the Sanyo 42" plasma. So, I wouldn't say you get a bargain with the Sanyo Brand at the Warehouse, sure you can get a RSA/Transonic TV for less but then again you can get cheap Uniden etc TVs from the other places too. I wouldn't think that many TVs get returned to any store these days.
  13. I finally got myself a plasma, the Panasonic 42PV7. Hooked up to a Samsung DVD recorder (which I eventually managed to multizone from just being region 4, thought that was a thing of the past), using HDMI. Picture is fantastic, but I am comparing it to an old 29" TV... Most noticeable thing for me is how much variation there is in picture quality on Sky. Currently on S-video from pace decoder, will look to get a Scart to component cable. Has anyone calibrated the PV7 and have recommended settings?
  14. I wonder how many of the buyers will 'remaster' it themselves into MP3 and only listen to it on their I-pod anyway
  15. Harvey Norman (Blenheim) have the 42" Panasonic PV7 at $1999, add a PS3 for $799 and you're well within budget.
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