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  1. Yep, this is my wtrp and cart. I twanged the Fr1s cantilever a few years back but may still get it repaired. Ortofon 2m blue on it at present
  2. Had fond memories of this vintage Fidelity Research MK3, and the Early 80's WTRP still sounds beautiful.
  3. He thought it may have been a fault in the 604 preamp - from an email: "This problem is sounding more like a pick up problem in the preamp. This kind of thing can be caused by something in an amp drifting to marginal stability and the slightest provocation puts out a burst of noise ( click). Are you using the 604? As I remember the 704 did not have any cap on the power switch. Installing one might help." I told him I was using a modern amp - temporarily, the zone two pre-out of an Onkyo TX8050. He is going to put a cap on the power switch and give it a once over for me. So, I imagine if you are using the 604 pre with the 704 power the pre will suppress the noise on start up.
  4. I've contacted Bruce in Wellington and he still services these amps. A review from earlier times...
  5. I have recently set this vintage power amp up and it sounds - well - magnificent. It's a Bruce Crothers MOSFET design prior to the company dissolving. 100WPC. Curious as to whether or not the switching noise when turning on after the pre-amp, which is amplified (ie gets louder) by the gain level of the preamp, is a fault or just something I have to live with. It is more of a switching sound, like an extended tick, rather than a bass thump. Contacted a guy I have used in the past and he said many of the older amps may not have speaker relays etc..... I was wondering if it could be a faulty fet/cap/resistor (I am not a DIY repair amplifier kind of guy.) Do you think it's worth taking it to Axent audio for a service? Otherwise, channels are balanced, the sound is crisp and defined, and it really works well with my Sutherland Phono and Well Tempered...
  6. denon, denon, denon denon denon - (to the theme of the pink panther.) Ruby cantilevered Nude via Soundsmith? Yum.
  7. Ahhh, the joy of digital source feeds... have a perusal over the hackintosh threads in this forum. Unfortunately getting a PC to sound good is not plug and play. Reading between the lines - do I hear a call to join the vinyl revolution?? This is no help - I'm sure someone here can offer some more constructive advice
  8. I'm listening to my favourite vinyl on headphones, easily ignoring the TV. I do not do a lot of headphone listening, but since American Idol is on and the wife insists on watching... I hooked the WTRP up to my headphone amp and am very impressed. I have a pair of $70 Sennheiser HD202's on and perhaps the modded denon is very forgiving...but I am hooked. This deck/cart/stage combo is limbic fruit. If I had just $300 to spend on some phones you would say....
  9. kiwi_1282001;164351 wrote: Have to hand it to yeah Des, you are consistent in your dislike of Magico. Perhaps as trumpeted during one of Magico's advertising campaigns you are still two steps from the truth? Per the advert "All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed. Second, it is violently opposed. Third, it is accepted as being self-evident." ... Speaking of the devil, I’ve just been invited by Alon Wolf to the launch of the “mighty” Q7 in Singapore. I’ll be interest to hear just how bad US$ 165k can sound. Oh yeah, it’s got three pairs of speaker terminals.... 165K worth of speakers? That is beyond enjoyment/passion. The woofers would have to have a bidet system and a massage setting before I was even slightly impressed.
  10. I listen to reckoner and perfect my yorke falsetto...
  11. I love the simplicity of regas. Straight tone arms are more aesthetically pleasing. Come to think of it, the only bent arm I've ever owned was a rega branded acos lustre on the original planar 3... and that was a beautiful arm too!
  12. These guys gave me no probs with shipping. Good quality. http://www.sleevetown.com/lp-sleeves-inner.shtml
  13. Parmenter has just lowered a brand new 2M Black to $600 - maybe not a bargain as such, but you won't get any change from $800 if you ship from the states. He had this for $950 for months prior....
  14. Great stuff!! Welcome to the fold. I owned a Goldring GR2 ( an oem rega planar2 ) and had great enjoyment from it for a year or two. There are numerous upgrades down the line for your deck, I would start with the iron audio acrylic platter. It sounds so much better than the glass. The RB301 can handle many decent carts and tracks beautifully. Or, you could ignore upgrade addicts like myself and half the regulars on here and get some vinyl!
  15. I thought the early rega prototypes proved the isolated point platters were a bit gimmiky,,'
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